Battery operated heated towel warmer

Marc.1234December 5, 2011

Hello to all.

Does anyone know where I could purchase a battery operated (powered) heated towel warmer or a battery operated heated towel rack?

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I'd check marine supply...if such a thing exists then it might work on a boat...

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Jean Bo

Have you used one of these before? Reason I ask is I purchased a "plug in" one years ago and it was junk. They just don't get hot enough. Now this morning on HSN they had a plug in one that was like a small cooler, you put the towels inside it and close the lid. It almost got me but I will wait to see what the reviews are before they get my money again.

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Heating devices take a lot of power. I can't imagine the batteries lasting very long.

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Jean Bo

Years ago lots of cool cordless / battery opp things came out and then they disappeared I have a cordless iron and I love it. I don't have to have that cord dragging all over my fresh press. Sadly it is getting old now and we are due for another but they just dont sell them in the stores. Oreck has one but won't sell it separately.

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jjaazzy, i got one like that at BB&B. I cram my heavy terry cloth robe in it and it does get hot. But my showers are too short often for it to get really hot. The box is very light and I keep it under the counter and pull it out and plug it in when I'm going to shower. Brookstone makes a tall cylindrical one that they say holds 2 bath sheets.

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But the cordless irons connected to a base which plugged into the wall. You had to occasionally place it in the base while ironing.

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We have the electric (corded) towel warmer that tobler is referring to. It is, BTW, much cheaper to purchase it from Bed Bath & Beyond with one of their 20% off coupons - their coupons don't ever expire, despite BB&B printing an expiration date on them.

It works VERY well. DH turns it on when he starts the water up. Takes a 20-min shower, and the towel is nicely warm.

There are actually two sizes of this appliance, and we have the largest. It DOES NOT hold two bath sheets. Two standard towels, maybe. Or two thin non-plush bath sheets, the el cheapo kind. But not the full-size 6' long luxury bath sheets we use - only one will fit in at a time.

This appliance works much, much better than the standard thin-pipe towel warmers. We have one of those we bought years ago, and all we use it for is as a standing towel rack. They are useless for anything but drying a damp towel. The only places that get warm are where the towel lies right against the warming rods/pipes. The majority of the towel doesn't warm up at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel warmer

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