Anyone want to share pics of their bathroom?

kfhlSeptember 24, 2012

We are down to the wire on our tile selections and I am having a really hard time with the bathrooms. I know that they are hard to photograph and that is probably why there is very little on the bathroom forum. I have tons of magazines, but it seems like everything recent that is not super contemporary is white marble. I love white marble and dream of 2" carrar hex floors, but I don't love the idea of maintaining it - especially in the kids' baths. I know people put marble floors in showers etc. all the time, but every pro I have talked to has warned against it.

I remember seeing some great bathrooms here in the "It's September ..." type threads, but I did not clip them and I am having a hard time finding them now. So ... if anyone is willing to share pics of their bathroom - all types - master baths, kids baths, powder rooms, I would love to see them!!! Thanks!

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Here are ours. We spent a lot of time on the bathrooms in our house.

Jack & Jill- this sink/counters are concrete. The tile is marble-look tile because we didn't want the maintenance of marble since this is a guest bath and in the unlikely event that we decide we do want kids, this would be the bathroom they'd have off their rooms:

Upstairs guest bath. Travertine tiles w/ accent tile from Stone Impressions:

Countertop and sink are Indian Green marble

master bath:

Downstairs powder room is also concrete. It is hard to photograph because it is a dark room. It is modeled after this picture:

Here's how ours turned out- hard to photograph, like I said, but very much like the pic above

There are more pics on my blog at

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Here are ours--very reasonably priced tile from Florida Tile @ $2sq ft on special about a year ago:

Master Shower-FL Tile's Renaissance pattern in Grigio with 3x6s, 10x13s & 2x10 gold sistene listellos on the walls, 12x12 sheet of 2x2 mosaic on the floor bordered by 3x10 cuts of the wall tile with Pearl grout.

Closeup of tile floor at transition to bedroom--FL Tile Las Olas pattern in Sand Dollar 19x19 set on the diagonal with 2x10 Renaissance gold sistene listellos for transition strip & Pearl grout:

Kids' Bath using FL Tile Pristine 9x18 in Alabaster set in a brick pattern with Pearl gorut:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate your taking the time to do it.

Beagles - I really enjoy seeing all of the fun, creative details and the incredible custom storage in your home. It is truly one-of-a-kind. I have never seen your powder room before - wow! I am exhausted just thinking about how many design decisions you had to make in creating your home, but it sure looks like it was worth it.

mydreamhome - I absolutely love your master shower. It is a great example of the way different sizes and orientation of tile can create interest. That is something I hope we can do as well. I had never seen the close up of the transiton before - it gives a much better picture of the gold listellos - great detail.

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melaska your tub doors...where did you get them? HOW do you keep them so clean? Thanks! :)

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melaska we had them done by a local glass company, the kind that does auto glass work and home glass work. They did all of the shower/tub doors in our house. They are all starfire glass so now green tint.

We keep them clean by having a housekeeper 3x a week, probably not the answer you were looking for, sorry!

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Thanks, beagle...not sure I could get a local glass company here since there IS no glass company in this little ol' remote town. Closest big city is Anchorage. And, you are right - the only housekeeper I see around here is me ;)

Any suggestions on getting pre-made shower doors of high quality?

Your house is amazing and I swoon every time I see a photo. Keep posting - I love to swoon ;)

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melaska there must be some auto glass place somewhere- what do people do if they break their windows :) I would do a little google search at least.

Actually, before I went local, I got price quotes from a glass shower door company online, they ended up being a little more expensive when factoring in shipping but not much more. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name, but a google search might help.

If you are looking for pre-made ones, here are a few options of varying prices:

Hope that helps.

I think I've posted pretty much every picture of my house at some point by now :) If not, if you haven't seen it, there are pictures of everything on my blog:

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beagles...I did a Google search. brings up a local business with an address I've never heard of. We don't have a Clark street!

We get lots of roving glass repair trucks here since we are so remote. I think the local numbers are a scheduling service most likely.

I'll have to ask our auto mechanic...he'd know. That's life in a crazy remote Alaskan town! ;)

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LOL, good luck melaska!

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