Yahoo games Windows 8

michael_so_flOctober 26, 2013

I cannot access any yahoo games with my new computer windows 8. I installed java, popup blocker is not enabled,
cookies are set at lowest. what am I missing?

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Hi michael_so_fl,

Are you in Desktop mode ?? Java will only work in Desktop mode in Windows 8 not in Start screen.

Microsoft Windows 8 does not support plug-ins in the Start screen and therefore Java will not run in the Start screen. You will have to switch to the Desktop screen to run Java.


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Joe, This is all new to me, could you be more specific. This windows 8 is baffling to me, I'm upset at losing outlook express also. My computer shows I loaded the latest Java updates, thanks for your help. Mike

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I can't be more specific. I don't use Windows 8. My information came from a search,

My next search in Google would be Using java games win 8

I'm sure others will be along who may have experience.

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PKponder TX

Are Yahoo games run from your browser? If so, which one are you using? Internet Explorer 11 gives me a 'server hangup' error when I clicked on a couple of free yahoo games. I'm on Windows 8.1. Can you provide a link to the games?

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