Has Electrolux solved their Wall Oven Control Panel Problem?

kelsoldOctober 4, 2010

As part of our kitchen remodel, I am considering replacement of our old wall ovens. I like the features of the Electrolux (not the Icons) double wall ovens.

But..., I have read several compalints that say the control electronics fail after the self cleaning feature is used. Some have said the control system has failed again after replacement.

Does anyone know if this design flaw has been resolved so that someone like me can buy their wall ovens with confidence?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Are you sure you're not thinking of Kitchen Aid? Those had some troubles awhile back, but I've not heard any complaints about the Electrolux ovens and self clean. At least not on this forum! That said, I have a set of the non-Icons and I'm very pleased with them. I have not had occasion to run self clean yet, as they're only a few months old.

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I don't think Elux has any oven issues save for an issue with a very few and the door glass. Dodge can probably give a more definitive answer.

Perhaps you're confused and are referring to Kitchen Aid's convection ovens which had a huge problem a few years back. They still don't admit to a problem, but have enlarged their cooling fans and posted a TSB telling servicers it's be a good idea to swap out old ones. Nice, and with management like that, I'd stay away.

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I'm interested in the Electrolux - 27" Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven - Stainless-Steel
Model: EW27EW65GS

I have read some negative reviews about the failing electronics and simply wondered if the design problems were still present or if they had been reolved. NO I AM NOT CONFUSED WITH KITCHEN AID!

There are several more like the following on the internet, but here are two excerpted reviews from the Best Buy website, as examples.

Soooo.... does anyone have any insight that might be helpful?

Thank you.

1. TOO MANY DEFECTSCustomer Rating 1.0
Posted by: smjb from CT on 12/26/2009
We are about to purchase a third oven in 1 year. The first one the LCD screen burned out in less than 2 months... Electrolux...sent me a new one...Then after about 3 months with the new oven, the same exact thing happened. The LCD screen burned out...a repair person came...and was able to fix it. Now the LCD is again burning out and now Electrolux is crediting me what I paid for the oven so I can purchase a new one...Run from these poorly made appliances..don't waste your money because they look nice.
What's great about it: it cooks food when it is workingWhat's not so great: poor, poor quality and no one with knowledge about the appliances to service it.No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

2. I'm on my second oven in 10 months! Customer Rating
2.0 Posted by: Anonymous from Woodland Hills, CA on 07/10/2009
Ten months into our ownership the oven went blank... as in no light, no control panel or ability to use it.DO NOT BUY ELECTROLUXCustomer Rating
1.0 Posted by: smjb

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2 customers from one site does not really move my meter. There are plenty of folks around here that have these ovens and I'm really close to the industry and this is the first I've heard of ANY electronic problems - so I'm fairly confident in saying Elux does not have an epidemic of faulty electronic boards in their ovens. The KA saga is common knowledge around here and is on 15 other site too.

Every brand has certain units that are defective/lemons/just won't work at your house on Elm St./fail early. That's EVERY brand including ovens from top and expensive marques like Wolf, Miele, and TurboChef. So....... search long and far enough and you will find a crappy unit and an unhappy customer from all makers.

Chances are better than not that if you get an Elux oven you will be satisfied, that's not a guarantee - but good odds. So here's a top tip helpful suggestion: Electrolux ovens are not the best , but they are far far from the worst and represent a good value when compared against wolf, miele, and thermador. Top tip #2 - if you are looking for a new oven that has NO unhappy customers,defective units,and 100% positive reviews in cyberspace: save yourself A LOT of time, money and sanity and stop looking - that oven does not exist.

Perhaps dodge will come along and tell you how great he thinks those ovens are.

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Antss: what moves your meter is of little consequence to me. I used two examples so I wouldn't have to quote the whole body of complaints in my post. Anyway, you brought up KA, not me and your lecture and assumptions are simply uninformed and condescending. I normally avoid meaningless confrontations like this, but you need to know your approach is simply of no value.

Now here is some information of value. I called Electrolux and inquired as to the history of the model I identified in my earlier post and learned the following from their customer support line: There WAS a serious problem with the electronics on models produced in 2009. So serious, that a re-design of the circuit boards was completed and introduced into production in December of 2009. They told me all units produced in 2010 have the new electronics and the problem has been resolved. They also said to call them with the serial number of the unit before I purchase it and they will verify the month and year of production so I can be sure to get a 2010 model.

I should have just asked them to begin with since I received nothing but nonsense from this post.

Thanks folks.

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I'm still doing more research no point in becoming "One of the coals" that is being "Raked over"?????


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Wow kelsold, I have to say I thought those were some of antss' more reasoned comments (I've seen much snarkier) and he's made them before. Certainly I didn't think it warranted your comments.

Glad you found the information you require yourself. Enjoy your Elux ovens.

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I like people who let it all hang out. Saves me the trouble of trying to help them.

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Sorry about the delay, Antss and leaving you in the "Hot Seat" along with cj47!
I figured it best to research this issue "FULLY" before I posted.

Here is what we found (after about 4 hours of research).

(1) Antss is completely correct about "2 customers from one site does not really move my meter."---Why?
If one goes to the AJMadison site you will see that the 2 reviews there add up to a 4.5 star rating (would have been 5 star except one reviewer gave it a 3 for value as he thought the price was too high--every other category He gave it a 5. We then proceed to The Sears Site, there we see (2 out of 3) 5 star reviews--with one review being a 1(due to the problem the Op here has posted). So if we based
the performance of "Said Ovens" on just those 2 sites, we wouldn't have got the "Whole Story". Yahoo shopping, Shopper and CNET as well as Retrevo show the problems the Op mentioned (alto the reviews are exactly the same--same posters). So as Antss "Hints", check many sites to get down to the real facts!!!!--in this case, the Op is correct backed up by Elux's admission about said problem.

(2)As far as I can tell, this problem only shows up on the 27" ovens, so far every 30" Elux Oven I found has been given 5 star ratings---but I'm sure I missed one, somewhere?
Maybe kelsold can elaborate on Elux's discussion with him?
Was it ALL Elux ovens made in 2009, or just that particular model "EW27EW65GS" ?

(3) Elux's "refreshingly honest answer" is certainly different, than those we have seem from other manufactures
(a) Light bulbs that were staying on and burning the covers and sometime the whole fridge--callers were told "Never heard of the problem by the maker.
(b) Dishwashers that were burning up---callers got the same answer by maker, "never heard of the problem!
There are more like that, but you get the idea?

As far as my own experience with Elux as "all you know", I'm the most "Vocal OP" about my Elux experiences--alto in this case, since mine is an older model, my input is not as significant as the Op's or Antss, as Antss also has his customer base as a significant input.

Finally (yep Finally), Kelsold, You did do a great service to the readers here, as far as your inputs about the oven, alto your header would have folks believe that All Elux ovens had that problem. Hopefully none of our users here that have purchased 2009 Elux ovens will experience problems but thanks to you, if they do, they should have a better idea of how to address same.

So I would "Keep Everything on a Positive Note"-------You did ask for "Insight" and that is exactly what you received!
You owe them a thanks for reading and responding rather than that which you posted!!
We are all here to help each other, using the best resources we can muster---in most cases, it is GW Posts, but in the case, further diggin' was required!!!!



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Thanks, Dodge, for fully researching the issue and getting back to us on it.


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let's see kelsold - you come here to solicit info instead of going to the horse's mouth first? Lazy, or could find Elux's contact info w/o some digging?

Second, you dismiss the knowledge here as worthless because it conflicts with some best buy's. Now, it seems that I may have been incorrect in fact, based on your conversation w/ Elux. but.............

That is not really public knowledge, nor is it common knowledge for the majority of the appliance industry and kitchen designers. The KA fiasco is well known and documented. It also seems that your/Elux's prob. was confined to a few specific models whereas KA's was with all of there convection models.

N.B. - The problem was seemingly for units made circa 2009 so It really wouldn't apply to an oven you're buying today, so my original answer of: "I don't think Elux has any oven issues save for...." would still be technically correct. Keyword being "has".

Sorry, I'm blunt, it's not personal nor was it condescending. I said "perhaps", if I'd wanted to lay into you, you'd definitely know it- just ask around. If you'd bothered to do your homework here you'd have seen many posts re: Elux ovens and the almost perfect track record, that alone might have given you more info to decide if the other site's comments were an anomaly. You might also have gathered that I don't dispense touchy-feely PC blessed advice.

Instead, you pop in and want everyone else to do your grunt work AND be 100% accurate AND 100% responsible for errors and omissions. Shame Shame. You really ought to send dodge a bottle of wine or case of steaks for his research, which coupled with your call to HQ still gets you no further along than the uninformed info I gave you: If you like the Elux oven and it fits your needs and budget - buy it. You stand a good chance that you'll be happy and have no problems with it. There's not really any problem with them. I'll concede that my wrapper is much less attractive than the other brands.

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Kelsold, I honeslty don't understand why you reacted to antss that way. I didn't have any problem with his response to you.

These 2 reviews are from Best Buy. What I find more revealing in these reviews was how well E'lux stood behind their product and corrected the issue. Compared to the KA issues this is night and day. It actually instills more confidence in the product than damages it. I've been researching E'lux for far too long now and this is the first I've heard of this issue. But this would not stop me from buying an oven. In fact I'm happy in thier response. There is not a single product I've reseached that hasn't had dissatified customers; E'lux is no different. But on balance thier ovens generally get good reviews from owners. No appliance is perfect. If you want perfect I agree with Antss, you will never find it.

Based on what you have found out about this issue you should move the E'lux up on your list, not eliminate it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Source...

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This forum and many more at GW is full of know-it-all opinionated non-helpers. I fully agree with kelsold. His request for information was never really answered here and he got flamed for his audacity in stating so.

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Maybe the question wasn't answered fully because no body knows for sure. Free advise is worth what you pay for it.

I have not run the self clean on my Electrolux yet. I ordered mine in December of '09 and picked it up in February. It is also the 30" so maybe never subject to the problem. We did buy and extended warranty (from the Appliance store, not a third party thing).

Maybe I'll run it Sunday afternoon, got too much baking to do this weekend to take a chance on blowing it out :)

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I agree that there is no way to answer this question, as no one has crystal balls, and as Texaskitchentoo said, no appliance has 100% customer satisfaction. I can attest to the fact that finding the right oven can be a tough challenge...I have had 3 ovens in 2 1/2 years and am about to get my 4th. Careful research, and really, playing the odds, doesn't always result in a perfect ending, no matter how many people before you had a good (or bad) experience.

I discussed Electrolux 3 times yesterday, every time with someone different who has been in the industry for years and years. One says, "Electrolux says they fixed everything and based on their responsiveness to the problem, I believe them." The 2nd gave a sincere answer that he didn't have enough info to give an opinion. The 3rd said, "They say they fixed it, but after having problems, it takes more than their word to convince me. I don't want to sell an appliance under the opinion that 'we think it might be OK now.'"

I have one question...If they know the 2009 ovens are bad, why are there still some on the market, so that you have to call to check the number of the one that arrives at your home? Shouldn't there have been a recall or an effort to put new boards in all the troubled ovens? I admit, that I don't know how big a job that might be, or all the complexities of accomplishing such a thing, but I would think there'd be records of where each oven went.

This forum and many more at GW is full of know-it-all opinionated non-helpers.

?? It's not required reading, and we can only offer what we know from our own experience and research. It's not a perfect science, but people here do try to help.

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Hi. Just thought I would add to this conversation. Just bought my Electrolux 30 inch wall oven in November 2009 through Sears. Barely a few months into the game after running the self clean cycle on medium power, my oven stopped working. Sears service people told me that the thermostat was tripped up so they got it back on course. This was, as I found out soon enough,a bandaid solution as two additional times after this visit, the oven would again stop working after the self clean cycle. I am beyond frustrated. I keep getting these useless bandaid solutions to what appears to be a legitimate defect in the oven. When I spoke with the serviceman and said that the oven should really be replaced as this is an obvious defect, he told me that this is never done. So what is the solution. I would love to deal directly with Electrolux but as I bought the oven at Sears it's almost as if Electrolux has washed their hands of the matter. There has to be some accountability somewhere?!
In essence the oven is unusable if I plan on using the self clean cycle-one of the main reasons I bought the oven.

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If you buy stuff from Sears you are stuck with Sears for the warranty service. So the answer is don't buy from Sears unless they are the only game in town.
As far as self cleaning goes, don't run the entire cycle at one go, try 1 hour or 1ý hours and see how that works out. If it needs more cleaning do it again for 1ý hours on another day. Also become very interested in watching how the part is replaced and record the part number of the replaced item.

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Hey nerdy - kelsold's question WAS answered, twice as a matter of fact.

(S)he / you may not have liked the way it was answered or how the answer was arrived at, but the info was given. Current (new) ovens are fine- if you believe the manuf.

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I am about to buy these ovens in 30" - just need to decide which store to buy it from. I like that online there's no tax or shipping charge. Elux prices are static so it's not like I will get a break buying from one store over another. Though I am interested in who has the most reliable extended warranty.

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Have had Electrolux wall ovens for three months. After the first cleaning, the upper oven will no longer heat up. Although there was little for the oven to clean, there was a terrible smell. I have had JennAir ovens for many years, and never smelled anything like this Electrolux. I am waiting for a repairman now.

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We have had the Electrolux double oven for over three years now and I can confirm we have problems with the control panel. Within the first year we had to replace the whole from panel twice. Within a few month of the last time it started happening again but we finally just dealt with the problem. The only thing that happened on ours was the little dashes in the clock started slowly disappearing. Same thing each time. Since we kept having to replace the panel, we just let it go. With our extended warranty running out next year we decided to have it replaced again. They come out tomorrow to look at it again. They already bought back our fridge (Control panel died multiple times, hopefully they buy back this oven.) Honestly I love the electrolux appliances especially the wall oven, but I don't know if I would buy their appliances again.

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neff2k... I'm just curious do you use the self-clean feature? I just ordered an Icon single and speed oven today. Hope they're reliable! Any major appliance is such a crapshoot these days and such a nightmare when you get the lemon.

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I purchased the 30 inch Elux Icon Pro double oven 3/2011 and they were installed 7/2011. After multiple failures- inconsistent temp, circuit board failurs, oven stopped working after running self clean, both door came apart... and repairs Electrolux approved us for replacement of the ovens. The replacement ovens arrived over the weekend and there were obvious defects right out of the box--damage to exterior sheet metal, fabric heat seal improperly made and not completely installed, door assembly not properly put together and the top and bottom doors were reversed. The installers said they could not put the replacement unit in because of all the clear and obvious defects in the replacement unit. So I wait for another.

In the meant time the defective bottom door on my current oven broke apart into pieces as the installer tried to remove it and damaged our wood floors. My origingal warranty expires the end of this month and I don't think my replacement ovens will be in by then. The one we sent back took a month to come in because the Lowe's RTM clerk "forgot to place the order"-- this was not Elux's fault, but sending a new unit that was not properly put together is the fault of Elux. Wondering where their quality assurance failed with so many defects.

If I could do it all over I would NOT put in Elux for my ovens but for now we are stuck. I do plan on asking Elux to extend their manufactures warranty to 24 months on the replacement ovens once they do come. My confidene level in this product in very low.

BTW when I first started to pursue oven replacement with Electrolux their first offer was to extend my warranty for an additional 3 months-- are you kidding?? Eventually they did offer the replacement, thanks in part to all the postings I started to do on the Internet and this forum.

Still woth out working ovens since 1/2012....

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We were seriously considering Electrolux Icon double ovens and I'm so sorry posters here have soo much trouble with them. I hope all the matters are resolved for you, it's utterly unacceptable to spend a lot of money and have these kinds of problems.
We've decided against them and have chosen different ovens.
We are purchasing the Icon French Door fridge, and hope it works out ok.

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That is terrible! I suggest you get on the phone with Electrolux right away and go as far up the customer service chain as you need to go. Take photos and be ready to email them. Escalate this until you find someone with the competence and authority to make it right for you ASAP.

For that matter, can you post photos here? Inquiring minds...

We installed double Elux Icon ovens this summer and we love them. We did have one problem that was our fault (hint: don't put foil in the bottom of an electric oven) and Elux fixed it quickly. Mechanically everything has been solid and we really like the controls.

Elux owes you. BTW, considering your "new" ovens were damaged in shipping this might not be Elux's fault but they should help make it right.

For anyone reading this, I suggest that you not buy high-end applicances from Lowes or Home Depot or perhaps even Sears. Although there are exceptions many of the nice folks working at Home Depot or Lowes have no clue about what they are selling or how to use their products. It sounds like your experience would have been very different if a dedicated appliance delare were involved. I feel terrible for the position you are in.


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We have a 2008 double elecrolux. The timer numbers lost some of their LED components in the second year. The panel was replaced under warrantee but shortly after it also lost part of the timer numbers. Decided to live with it. In 2014 it started turning itself off. The panel goes completely dark and unresponsive. Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this and what parts to change? Sears has all the parts but I don't want to start randomly changing things. The control panel is $600.

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Do not buy parts from Sears, their return policy sucks. Buy from AppliancePartsPros or RepairClinic. I'm guessing the LED problems would be solved by replacing the display board. However, the unresponsive panel could be either the display board or the touchpad. If you buy from either of the places I mentioned, you can return parts that don't fix the issue even after you've installed them. It is sometimes necessary to blindly change parts in order to fix electronics issues in appliances that use multiple boards and that is why you need to be extra careful who you buy the parts from.

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