advantium under counter installation

riverview111October 12, 2013

So apparently I've been in a cave for some years...looks like the Advantium wall ovens can now be installed undercounter! When did this happen? It solves all my kitchen design problems!!!

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The advantium that uses a 240 line is supposed to be installed above counter height. The 120 version can be installed under. I questioned this earlier this year, even calling GE and asking why..."the specifications say use of this appliance is recommended at counter height" for the 240.
When I went shopping the appliance guy, major high-end brands, large city said "no problem we do them all the time."
Even the 240 under counter?" I ask. "Yeah all the time."
So do you have documentation from GE?
Have they changed the specs for the 240?

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An appliance dealer told me that the 240V doesn't meet the fire code for under counter placement because the surface temperature is too high.

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Apparently the GE Advantium 240V has been discontinued.
I think you can still get the GE Monogram version.

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When I called GE they did not say anything about fire code issues. If the surface temp gets too high under counter, why is it not too high for "built in" above 36 inches.
What am I missing here? If it is built in a cabinet and surface temps get too high - what difference does it make where its at in the kitchen?
Is that why its discontinued? I thought maybe that weird GE eyeball style finally bit the dust.

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Well Phooey. I read some info on the GE website that said it was okay but the manual says no.

Here's the new style advantium. Glad they finally got rid of the curvy style.

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Well, I guess it's back to considering using an over-range 240 Advantium in a location that's not over the range. Cabinet guy says that's fine and they do that sort of installation all the time. I'd rather have the larger capacity of the wall oven version...seems more like a real second oven. Maybe I'll get a warming drawer...

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