FunMoods and Finding Missing Drivers and 2 Computers

mxyplxSeptember 17, 2012

I typed 'fun' inna everything.exe on Computer #1 WXP Pro and to my surprise found this which I had to type as it wouldn't copy:

FunmoodsLatest.exe C:\Docs&Set\Me\LocalSets\temp\is357113909

Also a bunch (30) of MS Works files starting typically funxxx.wws C:\programFiles\MSWorks\1033\Wizards or 1033\Tasks (I think these are valid MSworks templates).

I googled >is357113909Using the View > Choose Details option and choosing Date Created I got 5-29-12 for the FunMoods file and that matches the Date Created with Nitrite uTorrent Installer which I used to download a linux distro iso file- don't remember which. So I think that's where it came from.

I don't find evidence Funmoods was installed but don't know what to look for either.


But wait! There's more! :-) and not too simple either;

On Computer #2 also sporting WXP Pro. Skipping the why's and whatfor's I installed the XP-Pro a couple months ago, updated it, installed MSE and didn't look at it again till couple days ago as I use #2 with Linux live CD. I decided to set the XP settings (power and appearance) and had to find 3 drivers of which I found one for the mobo. The other 2 devices show in the pic and working on the 1st, the Audio Device, I googled its' ID which I found by running the siw program and it is; HDAUDIO\FUNC_01ven_10ECDEV_0862SUBSYS_1565C601REV_1000

and got this site (among others) and downloaded AudioConverterSetup.exe and scun it with MSE - no problem it said. The run window indicated it was a product of "Clic run Software".

Well I had to do something even if it was rong so started in to run this file and chose custom to ward off the tool bars. As I recall there were 3 which I declined and clickt next and damn all there were 2 more toolbars! One of em was FUNMOODS. Not only did I decline that generous gift I canceled the install. So.....

1. That's one way to get FunMoods on your computer.

2. Can I merely delete the funmood file from comp #1?

3. Where is a safe site or how can I find one for drivers for the 2 devices on comp #2 shown in the pic? and/or did I download a valid/correct program for my needs? Somehow I doubt that.

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Usually any file in a temp folder thats over a couple days old.. I usually have no problems deleting. If I'm concerned for some reason I just add OLD on the end of its file extension. I ocasionally search .*old and clean up those gathering dust.

I use / slimdrivers to update drivers if I cant find them, or figure out which one at the motherboard manufacturers site. Always make a special restore point before doing any driver installs.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The best thing you can do is go register at LzD forum, post your own thread telling what you said here. The team will help you to clean up the funmoods infection, it is nasty and difficult to remove with out help running some special scans. We are seeing a lot of people with the funmoods infection.
Go here, register, start your own thread in the malware removal area.

Here is a link that might be useful: LzD

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Good luck! I think I'm finally rid of Funmoods with the help of the folks at Lanzdown.

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Hi, mxyplx.

I've requested logs in your thread at LzD but am responding here to your question about the HDAudio.sys driver. According to the Driver Reference Table (maintained by Microsoft MVPs), you should be able to get that driver via Windows Update.

(Yes, is another forum where you'll find me. I referred dee_can there for help fixing a problem with IE.)

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Corrine/Mikie I posted a note that said thanx but it musta got lost. I'll work on the drivers another day or 2 from now.

Grandms I sure hope your ordeal is over; looked like a tough go. Sure stops your world don't it? Mine might be simpler because it laid (layed?) dormant for several months plus I don't use browser extensions or add-ons of any sort - just use browsers as is where is and in present condition.

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Funmoods and babylon removed.

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Grandms' ordeal is over. You were much more fortunate, mxyplx, because Babylon & Funmoods hadn't gotten much of a hold on your computer.

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SlimDrivers did the trick. Only had 25 drivers to update. I slogged thru one at a time got about 10 down, skipped ahead, puck one at random and it installed all the rest same time. Good thing cause I was at a low point in my stick-to-it cycle. Thanx

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