change out tub in existing bathroom

palomalouDecember 24, 2011

In our existing condo, we would like to change out a very low bathtub for a jacuzzi of the same footprint, but taller (and jets!). The door is about 36x79 and the tub is 29 wide and 58 long. When I've seen home shows or toured unfinished homes, the tubs are usually put in before the walls and door opening. Is it even possible to move one into a finished bathroom?

Of course, this would also mean the condo, which supplies the WATER, would have to agree!

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In our old house we had a low bathtub and we took it out and put in a deeper tub but not with jets. We had to pull down the sheetrock in the tub surround to put it in and then retiled it but it came out great and I loved the deeper tub. Good luck!

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Do you have room and power for the mechanics of a jacuzzi tub? I would just go for a deeper tub since yours (like mine) is on the small side.

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