Advantium 240v Speed Oven - Mysterious Breaking Casserole Dishes

montelOctober 1, 2012

We have now lost 2 LaCreuset stonewear casserole dishes in our 240v Advantium speed oven.

Both times we were speed cooking chicken breast and the dish snapped in half about 10-12 minutes into the cooking cycle - when the chicken was almost done.

I could see putting a cold pan in a hot oven or something like that, but both times the cooking and item had been in for many minutes....

Any one have any ideas? The dish is resting on the metal tray on the bottom of the oven...

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Stoneware can be unstable in certain heating situations, even if it's stated as oven-safe. I had a casserole crack years ago when attempting to microwave popcorn in it. The kernels generated too much spot-heat.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yeah, I'd try to avoid stoneware and use only something like Corningware or a Pyrex baking dish for what you're describing. Even then, oven save glass dishes can shatter if they experience thermal shock. Or just shatter period if there was a flaw in production. It's rare, but it happens.

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Pyrex changed the formula for their glass a few/several years ago. I've read (elsewhere) about the new-formula Pyrex glass baking dishes randomly shattering. CorningWare or old Pyres might be a better bet.

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LeCreuset actually warrantees their cookware forever or so. You might contact them and ask if they can provide some clarification.

I am very forgetful and ridiculously regularly leave things on the stove. When I ruined a LeCreuset pan by letting it burn dry probably for hours, I don't remember anymore, I contacted them to ask if there was any way to re-enamel the surface. They told me "no", but it was possible there was something wrong with my cookware. Which seemed unlikely to me; it didn't choose its owner who was dumb enough to leave it cooking on the stove indefinitely. Still, the nice CS lady urged me to send it in (not a trivial postage charge), and they would "test" it.

I was curious so went ahead and did so. They "analyzed" the thing and declared that ... I had left it on the stove too long. :) *But* - they then went on to offer me a replacement at cost, which I thought was uncommonly decent of them. There was zero wrong that I know of at least, with their cookware; they wanted a happy customer. And they sure have one. I have lots and lots of their pans and I love every single one.

So ... I sure think it's worth a phone call to them. Perhaps there's some known quality of the material that won't work in these ovens? I do think you'll find them interested in coming up with some answer for you ... and it's possible they'll offer to replace one or the other or both at cost?

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25 years ago I had the Pyrex casserole dish shatter in the oven during the bake of a rice dish for company. New bride trying to be a cook. My Mother had always taught me to put the dish in the oven for preheat and not put a glass dish in the oven after it had warmed up to the bake temp. Because she had had this happen to her.
So even the old ones shattered and if it happened to my mom and me - not that rare.
Montel how do you like the speed oven otherwise? That model is on my shopping list.

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Thanks everyone - kind of what I was guessing.

ppbenn: The 240V Advantium Speed oven is great overall and we really use it as our primary oven. One of the drawbacks to using it all the time is that it gets pretty dirty inside cooking the things we like to cook.

It would be easier if you could cover somethings with foil while doing the speed cook thing. If the microwave is involved it can't be covered, so things can get a bit messy.

We have found that if you are doing a speed cook to stick with the same size and type of items - I don't think it did a good job on a whole chicken or a cut up chicken, compared with doing 3 bone-in breasts (which come out perfect by the way).

My only other complaint is since everything rotates you can't really cook anything with a remote meat thermometer, which I love to use to make sure everything is cooked perfectly. I wish there was some way to integrate that into the speed oven commands like the bigger ovens and some of the fancy settings other brands have like "perfect turkey". Being able to brown, bake, sort of broil, and microwave all at the same time is wonderful.

We are still learning how it cooks - and love the speed. I find that I am doing custom speed cooking, while my wife sticks with the pre-sets.

We kept our nice toaster oven and have it in our pantry for simple toasting and things like waffles - we also have our old small microwave in the pantry to use for quick re-heats, defrosting small items, hot tea is nice to have other options when the speed oven is being used for the primary oven, which is most of the time. Our full size oven is now used for fresh pizza baking, cookies, pastries etc...Plus since we use the Advantium oven mostly in the speed oven mode, it isn't super convienent to swap out the metal tray and put in the glass tray or wire rack for micro only - of course you can kind of fake it for quick jobs without switching everything around.

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Montel thanks for the great review! I am torn about getting the big countertop built in 240 or futzing around and putting the above the range 240 NOT above the range since we'd not use the vent.
I planned a microwave shelf above the countertop and really dont have space for the built-in version. Apparently you cannot put the 240 under a counter say in the island where it would be perfect.
Since we are used to the above the range microwave now size wise, I may just get the little 240 and drive my cabinet maker nutz trying to fit it in. Although I suspect from what you are saying we will wish we had the larger oven size.
So upsetting about the cookware It does sound like you have a good chance at replacements though.

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Clarify: you were using 'speed cooking' (ie, microwave) on a dish sitting on a metal pan?

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