Anybody know of a range with burners that lock?

akatriciaOctober 16, 2012

I'm looking for a slide in electric range that has locking controls for the burners on the range top. I've seen a number with locks for oven controls, but not for the burners. I had a Jenn-Air previously that occasionally was turned on accidentally, apparently when someone leaned against it. We even had a fire start when (we think) the dog tried to get something laying on the cooktop, leaned against the knob and pushed it in, and then turned the burner on to high when he got down. I would think this would be something the manufacturers would be right on top of, with the knobs so close to a toddler's reach. (I asked a Wolf representative if their range had locks and he said no, but I could take the knobs off easily!) Thanks for any help.

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Fori is not pleased

I would expect a range with an electronic controlpad to have this function. And even if it didn't, it would be much more difficult to accidentally turn on because they're on the top.

As accident prone as your household is, you really ought to consider an induction range. The Electrolux slidein is awfully pretty. :)

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I second fori's rec for an induction cooktop. Ours is by Thermador and has a lock for safety.


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Besides the protection offered by the lock function, the induction burners will also not function when suitable pots and pans are not present above them.

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3rd the induction. My cats are on the induction cooptop all the time, even if we did not lock it, the cats can not turn it on without a pot/pan on it, but we do lock it---(An Electrolux). Luv It!!!!!


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4th on the induction. I have a GE Profile. You will need stainless steel and/or cast iron pans though. It is fabulous.

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5th on the induction. You can put your hand flat down on the burner and turn it on, and nothing will happen because your hand is not ferromagnetic. Even if you happened to have an iron hand, it would still have to be big enough to trip the sensor. :) You can have paper touching the burner and it won't catch fire. In fact you can put newspaper under your pan to catch the drips when you're cooking something splattery.

Your dog sounds like ours. He goes straight to the countertops to see if there is anything for him up there. I think he might have burned his nose a little when he tried to steal DH's sandwich out of the Foreman grill last night. All I know is he came out of the kitchen kind of fast, and without the sandwich. lol. (He is fine.) There is something to be said for short dogs.

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