Master bath bathtub - faucet and hand shower questions

rebecca3142December 13, 2013

I am planning a 60" tub for my master bath remodel. It is only for soaking, we don't plan on washing children or dogs in it, or washing our own hair.

So, I am debating if I should get a hand shower for this tub? The only thing I would use it for it to help clean the tub. Do they stretch long enough to rinse the whole tub?

Also, do I need to be careful which roman tub faucet I order in terms of giving enough clearance for the water to make it in the tub? (hopefully that made sense). I don't want to order something too small, but I don't know if this is even an issue.


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Go for the hand shower. It will never be any easier to add it later if you decide you'd like one. Future buyers may want to wash their hair in there even if you don't! LOL

I haven't put in our tub yet, but do have a hand held in our shower, and it does come in handy for rinsing down walls and floor. If you're going to soak with oils, etc. you might really be grateful for the spray to help wash down sides of tub.

Yes, of course you have to make sure that your faucet is located close enough to edge of tub, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out where to place faucet holes for my sink vanity for just that reason. I must have measured faucet on my old sink a dozen times to ensure that it was going to work, pick up granite and sink on Monday, will find out if I was correct!

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How easy will it be to reach into the tub when you are cleaning it? How wide will the tub be? This will help you decide whether you need a handspray or not. If you do want one, it will be easier to get one now. Handsprays require a different roughin - one that can handle a diverter on the spout or one that has a separate valve for the diverter.

Choose your tub first. Decide where you want to install the roman faucet, on the tub or on the deck. Then select the faucet last. You will need to look at the specs for the tub to determine the necessary spout length and height if it is installed on the deck.

After you choose the roman faucet, then choose the lav faucet because the roman faucet is your limiting design factor.

If you choose to use a shower/tub combo valve, you can always install a hand spray down low in place of the shower head.

If your tub hold a large number of gallons, then the roman faucet will be better because it has a faster fill rate. If your tub is a 32 inch wide single soaker, then you may be able to use a (hand)shower/tub setup. Food for thought.

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Hi Rebecca, I agree with raehelen, a handshower is very convenient for rinsing down walls and the tub itself. I'd also like to propose that it could come in handy when you least expect it. You never know when there might be a situation that could make you suddenly wish you had a fully equipped bath up there. (Busted shower pipes where you usually wash your hair, or sudden simultaneous occupation of all the other showers in the house when you most need one!)

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