WANTED: Jessica is a cheaterpants...my box arrived!

stacy3February 22, 2006

I'm sure some of you have had to endure the hilarious Junie B series...

Well my package arrived today from Jessica what wonderful items! I can see why you enjoy sleuthing for others, Jessy  you do an amazing job of it.

As I had a major lapse in posting for a couple months  right around the beginning of the swap, IÂm afraid I made her job difficult  and she had to go pretty far back in posts to do her investigating! are the packages that came outÂ(the top came off of one of them and dripped around inside a little  ironically, it was the one in the !!! You can see the sopping wet bottom)

Package number one  yes  the first piece of evidence of Jessy being a cheaterpants. She sent me a set of ramekins (8!) (which I needed and noted that my 4 are all different sizesÂ) but somehow inside each one of them was a PenzeyÂs spice container! Even on my travels I have not come upon a PenzeyÂs store and it is yet another of those things like Surfas, Whole Foods and Even Trader JoeÂs that I am insanely jealous of people having in their backyardsÂI have Poultry Seasoning, Lamb Seasoning, Chip and Dip seasoning, Mulling Spices, Baking Spice (this has cardamom in it  and I am addicted to chai!), Greek seasoning, Pasta sprinkle, and Chicago Steak Seasoning!!!!!!! I want to use them all tonight! What shall I make?

Package number two. A gorgeous Jessica copied my photo of my heart shaped cake and said "do it again! Do it again!" This is pink tinted and will match my china should I ever get the nerve to actually use it  lol.

Package number three. There were actually 3 jars inside the frog bagÂthe one that the top came off was a jar of candy crisp pickles from SurfasÂwhat I have licked off my fingers is excellentÂï I think she included these just so IÂd have to admit to all of you again that I actually like to drizzle pickle juice on my potato chipsÂ

Also inside here was a jar of Will had these from a friend of ours a few months ago and has been asking for more. Now I seriously donÂt remember posting how much Will loves these things  on top of being a cheaterpants, Jessica is also psychic (no I didnÂt say psycho  PSYCHIC) He was so excited  we had to open them right away and they didnÂt make it into the group photoÂI also have directions on how to make them and have no excuse to not do them myselfÂ

The third jar is (you can actually see SammyÂs nose trying to get close to that leaky pickle juice  lol)  I actually forgot about that recipe and that it needed these! I think I will make it this weekend (AlexaÂs Cauliflower Bistecche with pancetta and caper berries) I asked about these last September and our own supersleuth discovered it and sent me some! YEA! Because I sure didnÂt find any around hereÂ

The fourth package.

Jessica noted that I love wild rice and sent me a package of her favorite from Trader JoeÂs. Along with the rice were two Messermeister veggie peelers  since I had mentioned that I thought I threw mine away with some peelsÂThey were part of package number four becaaaauuuuussseÂummmmmmÂ.oh yeah, I might have to peel every grain of rice??? Yeah thatÂs what she saidÂ(cheaterpants) These look soooo much better than the one I bought at WalMart several months ago hoping my other would turn upÂit didn't.

is the whole stash  all FOUR items!

Jessica, I apologize for being a difficult partner. I sincerely thank you for all of my wonderful swap items and feel honored to add you to my list of swap partners-I think that is the best part of the swaps  forming a bond with someone beyond just postsÂ

Stacy (whoÂs off to figure out which spice to use tonight  Hey, itÂs a backwards way to go about what weÂre having for dinner, but oh well  itÂll be fun! Maybe weÂll have chips and dip!)

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Wow! Wee! Incredible!

Cute frog bag. hee hee!

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Wow, Jessy, you know how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a mini swap, don't you! LOL

Beautiful package! Stacy you better post on the WFD thread and tell us what you make with those new spices tonight!

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Leave it to Jessie!

What a great parcel. Stacy, sweetie, you deserve it!

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Definitely a fun package! All those penzey's spices... Stacy, you're gonna have a field day!!

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Awesome package Stacy. Jessy, ya done good, girl.

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Yeah, Jessy can't count real well. Lucky for you she can't. Enjoy it. I see some MLCs in your future.

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AARRRGGGGHHH I didn't take Annie's advice to always, but always wrap jars in double ziplocks. Just this once It'll be OK like it always is, says I. Blame it on Nancy because the frog bag came to me from her in my last swap. I'll get another jar next time I hit Surfas - I need an excuse to go there.

Yup, you are a tough one to research. Not as hard as some!

The caperberries came from the Spanish store we Los Angelites went to in early February.

Make lamb tonight or SOON with my favorite lamb seasoning - toss in some slivered garlic and balsamic vinegar.

The search for that cake plate got me inspired to do some more ebay shopping for vintage glass pieces for myself! Oy.

Enjoy, Stacy! (you can call Annie for more details on making dilly green beans if I'm not around)


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Wow, I love that plate, and your ramekins are exactly like the ones Carol (dishesdone) sent me in a package. I just can't see you peeling rice, though. (grin)

Well, Jessica, you didn't take my advice on the packaging, but after that broken jar I had while you were here (Oh, they NEVER break, LOL) it doesn't surprise me. Geez, I'm such a bad example. At least it wasn't your homecanned beans that leaked.


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ROFLMAO!! Jessy you are a stitch! Jessy offered to help me find a creative way to group my items so I can send everything I want to. Um, yeah, peel every grain of rice, hide items in the ramekins... Interesting plan.

That Cake Plate is gorgeous. So to find something similar do I just put in Vintage Glass on E-bay? I can help with Dilly Beans as well. I once compiled a list of every harvest Forum members preferred recipe.

Stacy, your enthusiasm for this package is loud and clear. Enjoy. Love Sammy's nose in that photo!!


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I adore cake plates and pedestals, especially vintage ones. And that one is beautiful. And yes, Jessy is a cheaterpants and aren't you glad? Great package.

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This is a great group of goodies. I've been wondering what you ordered from ebay. The cake plate is beautiful.

All the Penzy's seasoning - wow. Stacy you'll have a great time with those. Like you, I have no hope of getting to a Penzy's anytime soon.

Exactly what is a caperberry? Like a caper, only better? :)

Ramekins are good. Are you a MLC virgin? Heh, heh, not for long!

Jess - as always, you did a great job of sleuthing. Wonderful package.

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Stacy, Fabulous gifts! You'll love them all, I know. The cake plate is beautiful.

Jessy, Nice, nice package. I usually put potential messy things in zip bags, but didn't this time. I was fretting until I heard everything arrived ok.

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Stacy, what a great package and Jessy, you don't know how to count! And Shaun thought my creative counting was bewildering!! Tell us what you make with all those spices.


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Jessy is a sneaky one! Great package, I know you'll enjoy it all! Try out Carol's delicious lemon custard cakes wtih those ramekins. I love the cake plate too. Yep, Stacy, you'll have to come out to So. CA so we can show you around!

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Awesome!!! What a terrific package. I also love the cake plate.


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So Jessy's a "cheaterpants" now? Great word play, Stacy! You can't do better than homemade dilly beans and that cake plate is lovely.

Wonderful choices, Jessica!

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Yeah she's a sneaky, can't counter...

Nice Job Jessica!

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One for me, one for you, two for my swap partner. One, two, tree. tree and tree is dirty tree. Right?

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Forget it, Jessy. Lucky for Stacy, you can't count.

Now I finally know who to look to when I need advice peeling rice.

Can't wait to see a cake on that beautiful plate - love it!

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I love those spices..will they ever open in Canada?

Great gifts!

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What a great swap package. I love how she hid all the Penzey's spices in the ramekins.

A great job by Jessy!

By the way, there is a Penzey's in Pittsburgh that you'll have to check out next time when you're not driving around in a limousine. ha ha ha Or you could have the limo pull over for an emergency Penzey's spice break. (There is a Whole Foods here, too.)

Enjoy all your seasonings and sauces!


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Oh Karen, I'll remember that -Scott is asking me to go to a ballgame - I think in May. Penzey's may have to be one of my "conditions". (and Whole Foods!) I'll let you know if we're going!

Unfortunately last night I spent WAAAAY too much time writing up my description - lol - and only had time for leftover vegetable noodle soup from the night before for dinner.

However, I am getting off the computer and heading to the store and will be using those spices in my list planning.

I'm not a MLC virgin, but I am a virgin for those lemon cakes - I am going to try those too! AND, I am anxious to entertain some more and Jessy recognized that as she sent 8 ramekins - our next get together will be using these - YEA! Oh, but wait, I want to make a cake and display it on my beautiful new plate - oh and I want to make that cauliflower recipe, too! And I better get started right now, peeling that rice...

Oh and I noticed the ingredients in the wild rice - "a delicious blend of long grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds" It sounds heavenly...I'm looking forward to the flavor of the radish seeds.

And last but not least - I can't take credit for coining the phrase "cheaterpants"...there is a series of books about a very mischievious little girl named Jessica - um - sorry - I mean Junie B. Jones - who gets into all sorts of trouble...I couldn't resist. :-)

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Wonderful Swap Box Jessica. I love how you "worked" the 4 groups.

Stacy with 8 ramekins you can make Sol's MLCs and always have a few in the freezer. And you are really going to want to try the Lemon Custard Cakes, sooner rather than later. They are that good. Sounds like your Will has similar taste buds to my Matthew. He loves dilled beans and he has been known to wipe out jars of capers and caperberries. Eats them like pickles.

Looking forward to seeing that beautiful cake plate put to good use soon too.



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Looks like Jessy needs to go to summer school for math LOL.

I love that cake plate it's gorgeous. Looks like you're gonna have a lot of fun baking and putting those spices to good use.


BTW I love Junie B Jones


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What a great package! Nice job Jessy! The cake plate is beautiful. Monique, I've been wondering about Penzey's too... are they just in the US? The spice mixes look very good!

Stacy, you'll have to show us your beautiful creations in ramekins. MLC's or lemon custard cake, they both sound great to me.


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Do you want me to loan you my rice peeler?

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Great package you have there Stacy, just call me and let me know when you are making the MLC's or another cake. I'll be there in a NY minute!! Enjoy all your goodies! Cool swap box Jessica!


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I'm behind on swaps. Hey cheaterpants! Good job!

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Wow. I adore the cake plate. I never heard of dilled beans - sounds good!

    Bookmark   February 24, 2006 at 8:27PM
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Jessica was a great "cheaterpants!" Love the spices tucked inside the ramekins! Great package!

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Well Jessy I think you actually curtailed your usual enthusiastic tendencies--after all there are only FOUR packages there--and all seem well suited for Stacy ! You'll have to use those pink dishes Stacy, now that you have such a pretty cake plate to go with them . Enjoy those spices .

    Bookmark   February 25, 2006 at 12:40PM
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Oh my! I thought I had posted to this thread!

LOL at the cheaterpants, heh heh heh! Hey, if Stacy can call you names then I can too! Funny stuff!

Jessica, great job on all but that cake plate is something special!

Stacy, enjoy your box! I was a lucky recipient of a swap package from Jessica. I remember feeling very special!

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I am trying to do catch up on the swaps and just amazed at how creative everyone is.

I really do like that cake plate, I really like everything!

Jessica, I don't care if Stacy called you a cheaterpants, LOL, that is a wonderful package.

Enjoy, Stacey!

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What a great variety of gifts Jessy, you picked cool things and I can just hear your sighs of relief when that special plate made it to you in one piece and then survived it's trip to Stacy. I'm waiting to see how you use all those spices - what fun.

Keep on baking and spicing things up Stacy.


    Bookmark   February 26, 2006 at 12:22PM
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