How to make DVD from iPhone Videos

ginjjSeptember 16, 2011

I take lots of videos with my iPhone. I would like to put some of them onto DVDs. In looking under My Pictures just now I see they are "Quick Time Movies."

I have no idea how to make DVD's from these.

I have Windows XP.

Thanks for the help I know is coming!!


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Do you have a program on your computer that you have used for burning DVD's. I don't think win xp did that so you need an application. If you have one tell us what it is and maybe someone can help. If you don't have one someone will recommend one.

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I have burned music CD's in the past using Nero. I don't do alot of burning so it isn't at the front of my memory bank.

My computer guru put alot of programs on my computer which I have no idea what they do.

I do use Picasa some and think I could burn a CD from that perhaps.

Here is a list of the programs I have under what he calls "multimedia"

Nero CD/DVD Burn

XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
Any Video Converter
Applian FLV Player
Media Player Classic
Photo Story 3

PowerDVD Player
Quick CD
Quick Time Player
Quintessential Media Player
Real Player
Say Time
Sound Recorder
Windows Media Player
Windows Movie Maker
Microsoft Silverlight

DVD Decrypter
Free East Cd-DVD Burner
Old Media Player
Slide Show Wizard
VCD ControlTool

In addition to figuring out what program to use I am going to need some help getting the pictures from my computer to that source.

I don't use Picasa very much as I don't do editing etc. and I find their organization difficult to figure out.

Today I looked at the videos from my iPhone that I want to burn to DVD through the Windows Cameras and Scanners Wizard.


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I've looked at the Nero I have and I think it might do what I need if I can figure it out.

I have Nero 6. Should I get a newer version?


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Nero 6 should do. I have never used Nero and can't help, but this youtube video may help you.

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