Deb (momto4kids) I think I love you!! My swap box is here!

riverrat1February 25, 2006

Yesterday morning I was preparing for a road trip to New Orleans when my DH arrived home with my swap box! He picked it up at the post office and surprised me! I was so excited with who my swap partner was that he had to run and get the camera before I started ripping into the beautifully wrapped packages. DH knows the drill ;-)! My swap buddy is Deb (momto4kids)! I am so so excited! This grand and generous lady spent an enormous amount of time searching for infoshe had to go very deep to find some of the things I had posted about! And did I say how smart Deb is. She has 4 grouping of items! Not to mention the creative way she made the labels of the groupings and the letter she wrote me! Wow, such attention to details!

First grouping out of the box was the Pink Flamingo Group. Heh heh heh, Deb, I know you dug deep on this one. I collect pink flamingos much to my dismay! It is an out of control collection that friends and family are insistent on me having! Thank you Deb for all these paper goodies. My family will get a kick out of this when I use them for Easter.

On to the Cookbook Group. I collect cookbooks and this is one that IÂve very much enjoyed reading. While my DH drove to New Orleans yesterday I was able to leisurely thumb through this beautiful cookbook. I have my eye on a few recipes I want to try out soon.

The Silicon Grope is fabulous! The Pinch Bowls are perfect for how I like to cook. I prepare all my measured ingredients ahead of time. Nice for that meatloaf I like so much that has small measured ingredients. IÂve never seen the "Orca" before. ItÂs a brush that you Âfill up with liquid and baste whatever you are basting. So cool! I can never have enough of the handle holders. I cook with Calphalon and the handles do get hot. One of my old spatulas got sticky so I threw it out last monthÂIÂve never replaced it! Thank you Deb for reading my mind! When I barbeque I always seem to need more basting brushes. IÂm set now for a long long time. Can you believe I have a Silpat!! Whoo hoo! No more sticking cookies!

OMG! Look at what Debbi got me! I remember thinking when we had the microplane discussion how I would love to have the larger graters with the knuckle protector. Deb, you have saved my fingernails and knuckles. I want to look for a recipe that I will be able to use all my new stuff at one time.

This is a fabulous package of generosity! I love everything you sent me. I've noticed since I've started doing the CF swaps that the letters and cards are always my favorite part of the package. I'm not dissapointed this time either! Thank you for the warm sweet letter. I feel so lucky to be part of this wonderful forum. I've met so many dear people and you have always been one of them. Thank you!

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What a great package! That silpat mat is awesome, and I bet you'll be able to try it out on a mouthwatering pie recipe in that lovely regional cookbook! The pink flamingos look like they might like martini hour!

Have fun with this package! Nice job!


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Great groupings Deb--sounds like you picked the perfect goodies for Karen--that Silicone group is awesome--have fun with the paper goods Karen.


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As always Deb a wonderfully creative and generous package! Karen you deserve it! Super package from a super lady to a super lady!

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Gorgeous! What fantastic packaging and what fantastic gifts. Enjoy your cool stuff!


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That's some group of Groups - hee hee. Enjoy all your goodies, Karen.

Outstanding selections, Deb.

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Oh Karen, I'm so glad you like it! I cheated "big time" and I will probably be banned for life from swaps! I just CAN'T do it! I need COMPLETE supervision when I'm doing this!!

This one was especially fun for me since I bought myself a lot of the goodies, too! I love the handle holders and really, really needed them! The jury is out on the "orca!!" I've been "reading" that cookbook, too! I've already tagged a few recipes to try.

I had a terrific time studying and shopping! Enjoy!! Deb

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Karen, that really is an awesome package. The silpat! Oh my, I would love one of those! And I adore gadgets. You are very lucky.. Nice job Deb.

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I've never seen those handle covers, what a great idea! You're gonna love the Silpat, Jessica brought me on when she stayed with me and I use it all the time, I love it.

Flamingos, huh? Bwahahahahah.....I'm remembering that!


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What a beautiful presentation. I love the silpat and I need to buy those pinch bowls.

Riverrat - great photos and the little I see of your backsplash I love.

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The thing that gets me the most is the beautiful presentation. This time I was proud just to get it all boxed up and out of here. Not like I can use the stay at home mom card either as I have half as many children as Deb does.

My favorites are the silicone and the utensil groups. I have a silicone brush and I love it. I used my silpat so much that it is pretty trashed, but still working away in my kitchen. I got those pinch bowls for myself this summer and they are really fun.

Wow Riverrat, Enjoy!



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Karen, What a fabulous beautiful package Deb put together for you. Wonderful items.

Deb, you did an awesome job!


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Karen, you are going to love those pinch bowls. I have some from our local potter that I use all the time. Great package to enjoy, and you deserve it. I am still enjoying the items you sent me from the last swap.

Deb, you did a superb job researching Karen, and she will always remember that.

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Wow what a well thoughtout package.

All the items in the silicone group look really interesting. I don't bake alot but that silpat looks really nice!


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momto4kids, don't walk to the store and get one of those silpats! Now (thanks to this swap!) I have one for each cookie/baking sheet! And I use them mostly for non-baking cooking, I think! I make AnnTs wings all the time. Plop them on the silpat and, my oh my, clean up is a breeze! I used to avoid teriyaki, and other coatings because of the clean up. Once I started using the silpat, I have rally enjoyed making all those foods I shied away from since cleanup is so easy. Oddly enough, I've found my cookies do better without the silpat! Ha! Ha!! But I wouldn't be without my silpats now!!

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What a pretty package Deb and some creative grouping too.

I love those pinch bowls, and I've always wanted a Sil Pat.

Enjoy Karen!!


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Debbi, what a wonderful assortment, it's hard for me to pick a favorite. I love the silicone group, the utensil group, (I never knew I would use a microplane as much as I do, they are so handy)and the cookbook looks interesting.
Karen, enjoy all your goodies, it will be a fun Easter with your pink flamingos.

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Love this package. Especially am impressed that everything was wrapped. Sorry swap partner when you receive mine, nothing is wrapped in anything prettier than bubble wrap.

I love my silpat - Karen I know you will enjoy this. I love mine so much I went out and bought one of the big ones to use to roll pastry. Not that I roll pastry much, but it sure comes in handy. Used it last night to make the Cheddar and Chipole biscuits.

The flamingo plates are too cute. Just the right whimsical touch.

Deb - you did a great job of picking just the right things.

Karen, I'm sure you'll think of Deb when you use these goodies.

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I love it all. What a wonderfully creative group of gifts. I can't wait to see you use all those pink birds! You'll be smiling so much when you use them.


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WOW that's quite a haul!...

Great stuff!

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That's a great swap box for a very special person! Debbie, are you sure you haven't met Karen?

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Lovely wrapping and clever grouping. I'd never bar you from a swap!

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Beautiful!!! I love how it was all wrapped and categorized in groups!! Way to go!

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You are not that far away from me Karen, when's the party, I'll even wear pink to match the plates!! Great swap box Deb, I know Karen will enjoy it all!


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Whoo Hoo! David the party is Good Friday! Come on down!

For the last few days I've had all my swap goodies on the island for all to see! I was putting them away last night and got a little sad thinking this swap is over. But then I looked at all my goodies again and I got happy!

Deb, I'll think of you now evertime I bake cookies, make zest, grate cheese, prep seasonings, use a recipe out of 'the cookbook', baste the b-b-q, 'orka' the turkey ;-), have a hot handle on a pan...well, you get the idea! I'll think of you all the time! Thank you again, this was a lot of fun!

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Karen your description and photos were wonderful - it's obvious how much you love all this stuff (who wouldn't?) Great job Deb - I love the pink flamingo story - that is a riot...and I'm envious - don't have a silpat either.


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Holy Moly! Silpat and TWO microplanes! I think I might just love Deb, too!
Super box!


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Pink flamingos. Sheesh. I'm trying not to think of Divine (grin). David, I'd like to see you in pink anything.

Congrats deb for a well wrapped and assembled box! Teach me to do that. I'm like Robin - by the end of things, I'm tossing it all in the box.

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Man, you scored, River! Sweet, sweet package. I can't believe how you wrapped it, Deb! I need remedial wrapping. If I get bubble wrap around things, I feel I've done my job.

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Last night I was hungry for a charcoal grilled hamburger. I had several meats in the fridge that I needed to be cooked so I put them all on the grill. We had sausage, turkey cutlets, hamburgers and hot dogs. I used the orca last night to baste the turkey cutlets that I threw on the grill at the last minute. It works! I love it. Used the basting brush for the burgers and the pinch bowls to measure the seasoning rub I made. Thanks again Deb for a wonderful swap package!

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Yay!! To be honest, I had my doubts about the orca! I tossed it in there fully expecting it to not work. I figured, "Well, at least I know some of the OTHER silicone stuff works." LOL! Now, I'm going to try mine!

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Deb you did real good. What a super gift you put together for Karen. Karen you are going to love the different Microplanes, and all of those silicone items. I've never seen a brush that you fill. Let us know how that works.


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Well that presentation certainly dropped my jaw. Nice job! The silicone things are wonderful! I have a pre-silicone version of the "orca" and it's really great if you do a lot of BBQing. And the silpat is worth it's weight in unburned cookies!

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