kerdi came off too easy please help!

Greatday204December 30, 2012

Can any one Please tell me how Kerdi should feel after is has been put up? After my contractor left everything looked good but when i went in today 12hrs later i was able to pull back a section way to easily. I am a little conderned that i am putting 12 x 12 tile on top of such an unstable back. I saw him put cement board, wet it, and use 1/8 trowel to apply, looked good until today. I see a few little spots with tiger stripping but only on 10% of the entire surface.

am i worried for nothing or should i redo before putting all that money into tiling

thank you

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If the tiger striping is minimal, and while running your hand over it, it feels flat, don't worry.

After a day or so,'s "easy" to peel it down. The Kerdi won't fully cure for a number of days, but it's not the "pull off" strength that is important, it's the "sheer strength" that matters. If you were to grab the bottom of a sheet and pull DOWN, I think you'll find it impossible to slide it down and THAT's what a tile does! You could even try it on a sheet that was just put up...with the same results.

Bottom line is Don't Pick at It! (Remember your Mom told you that when you were a kid...)

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Hopefully you were able to put back successfully peeled off and did not mess up the backer, if not be prepared to tell your tile guy what you did so he may repair your mistake (on your dime of course).

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Bad Carla.

Bad, Bad, Carla.

What the other kids wrote. Leave it be and let the thinset cure.

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