WANTED: Ideas for Themes?

gardengrlFebruary 1, 2006

What are some of the themes you've used or thought of from past swaps? For some reason, I'm having a brain fart with coming up for a theme...

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Okay - this one's easy -- Valentine's Day!



Bake me - for bakers.

Once I printed out some recipes and put them in plastic sheets in a folder, along with some ingredients for the recipes.

We did an outdoor dining theme for a mini-swap once - it was summer.

BBQ - again more of a summer theme.

Some kind of ethnic package.

Cooking with kids.

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Gina did cooking with kids for me. That was a great one.

Soup and salad.




Or no theme at all - just some cool stuff!

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Seasonings - cool unusual salts, peppercorns, spices, cinnamon sticks, curry powder blends, etc.

A color theme - all red stuff, all black stuff, all blue stuff, etc.

Chocolate theme - anything that has to do with chocolate

Lemon theme - lemon soap, lemon zester, lemon juicer, etc.

Herb theme - packs of herb seeds, herb blends, herb vinegar, herb decorated stationary or recipe cards, herb scented soap

regional theme - products made in the area where you live, regional cookbook, travel brochures, map, magazines, postcards

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Here are some of the themes that I've used in the past:


recipents kitchen colours




Mini Swap - Outdoor Patio Dining


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Wow you guys are good..
I don't know what my theme if anything is going to be..

But I'll mull over these suggestions.

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Funny, I was just getting online to post the same topic. This is my first swap, so trying to figure out a theme. I live in a rural area, the closest Whole Food type place is....150 miles one way:) I have decided to go with the theme, "There is no place like Nebraska" , which is the first line to the Nebraska pep song. I am going with items that are either made in Nebraska or started in Nebraska.

Will that theme work????


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I had a fabulous North Dakota package last swap -- I'm sure Nebraska can come thru for you just as well!

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I almost always do a Canadian theme but I have done a few more specific themes. Happy Hour and BBQ come to mind.

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I think Katie C. did an Idaho package a couple of swaps back.

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I'm really lousy at themes. I do have a few things in mind this time and it's sort of a theme I guess.

I received a package from Katie and can tell you it was wonderful. Ellen is right it was an Idaho theme and delicious canned goodies.

I don't think a theme is necessary though.


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My theme is usually "stuff in a box". LOL

I agree, Tracey, I don't think a theme is necessary. At least I hope it isn't, I've NEVER come up with one.


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I received a fabulous lemon package once. It was a regional theme and my partner was from Sonoma County. (Sorry, if you're reading this, I'll have to look up your name.) It had a lemon zester, microplane, lemon cookies, Meyer lemon olive oil and dressing, Sonoma County cookbook, and a whole bunch of real Meyer lemons!!! I'd never even heard of them. They were all different sizes, so I suspect they were homegrown. Can anyone top that?

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Was Tomme your partner? I do remember your 'lemon' package, it was so amazing!

I'm on the sidelines this time :(, but am following the fun. Vintage sounds like a really cool avenue to explore.

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Well, I am not sure what the theme was, but when granjan (Janet) was my partner (It was her first swap) She sent me 5 packages! The first one was fresh flowers from California. It was March in Michigan, so it was cold and wet. What a wonderful surprise that was. The next package was homemade cookies, because she knew I was a "cookie snob." Marvelous gourmet cookies that she made, plus ingredients and recipes to make them. Then I got a box of all different chocolates. The last two boxes were cool things like dumpling makers (I love them) and dessert servers, and I don't remember what all. But, the theme I guess was, "everytime you think it has to be over, it isn't!"

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Oh, I forgot! I also got a box of fresh California fruit: oranges, lemons, limes I was sure sorry to see it end.lol

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