30" AG Wolf or Thermador + hood

ericaaOctober 6, 2012

Hi All, After hours and hours of searching and reading, I have come to posting, on what is clearly a well-discussed topic over the years.

I am replacing a 30" Frigidaire Professional Series all gas range. I originally thought DCS. I had wanted self-cleaning, but not for $1000 more. Local dealer does not sell DCS, which brings me, by eliminating Capital, Berta, GE and Electrolux, and with the salesman's recommendation, to the Wolf and Thermador Pro Harmony.

I prefer the look of the Thermador with its big window, and its 3x rolly racks and slightly larger internal depth. The Pro Grand door is much nicer than the Pro Harmony but I don't have the space to do a range that deep. I prefer the Wolf burners - they look more versatile. I am fairly stuck. Thinking that I'll get Wolf based on GW reviews and compromise on aesthetics. Should I worry about the interior depth, given that I'm sticking with just a 30" range?

Next, the under-cabinet hood: Salesman recommended Best by Broan with mesh filters not baffles as it will be quieter at low speeds. I prefer the look of the XOT (with baffles), but the lights are at the back only. Any opinion on which is better?


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Surprised you haven't gotten much feedback. IIRC, the Thermador achieves low simmer by turning the burner on and off - some users don't like the clicking noise, it doesn't bother others at all. The Wolf AG, in my opinion, is one of the least electronic of the ranges available - so it should be pretty reliable. Can't help with the vent, I have the baffle, and they are pretty easy to clean in the dishwasher and like the look. I have not heard that they are any louder and I thought the noise was from the air movement and the blower, but can't be sure.

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I am unaware of any effect that would cause a baffle to make more noise at low speed than a [clean] mesh filter. One expects air turbulence for the same flow rate to be greater with a mesh filter. Further, baffles make very little noise at low speed. I can only hear, under quiet conditions, a bit of motor rumble from my roof mounted fan. (Scaling my Wolf Pro Island hood to 30 inches width would scale my fan to a nominal 750 cfm at full speed, or maybe a real flow rate with pressure losses of 450 cfm. There is only modest baffle noise even at full speed.)

It might be safe to observe that mesh filters load up with lint and grease, so once fairly well blocked, the air flow would decrease and whatever turbulence noise there was would attenuate with the reduced flow. Under normal use baffles are immune to blockage of this type.

The important factors are a hood large enough in aperture area to encompass and capture the rising expanding effluent, large enough in aperture volume to support the air flow rate in containing and expelling the effluent, and sufficient air flow rate.

If the OP chooses a mesh filter hood, I recommend close attention to filter cleaning, possibly on a weekly basis depending on observed filter impairment rate.


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We have an old Theramador vent hood with mesh filters and a 1000 cfm external motor after a long run. Noisy hood and chronically sticky mesh in spite of dutch cleaning.

Next time, hopefully soon on this kitchen upgrade, I'm going with baffles.

As to Wolf vs Thermador, which I too have reviewed/eyed, my consensus is for Wolf. I had a Thermador cooktop before it broke, still have their old uneven heat ovens which work. Still, my products are/were old when we moved in.

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Am still agonizing a little and haven't quite placed the order, so after a little break I came back now and found your responses! Hooray! I decided upon the Wolf AG 30" range + XOP hood, and from your responses, all is well with that choice. Thanks! I am glad that the baffles are fine, they look much better. Still can't understand why a no bells and whistles range (apart from the brand) costs SO much! I am hoping I won't miss my old range with it's warming drawer that I use so often.

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