My Mouse is Acting UP

love2sewSeptember 1, 2011

I have a wireless mouse by Microsoft that is 1 1/2 yrs old. It has started acting up and the batteries go dead really quick. I put in a new battery and when I am scrolling, it yerks and when I think I am clicking on what I want to see, it ends up either the next or a couple items away.

Has this thing just bit the dust or maybe just dirty? I have never cleaned it, so any tips would be good. I just thought I would check with you good people before I give Staples $25. Thanks

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Unlike the older style ball mice, there isn't much to clean with an optical mouse. You could take a Q-tip and clean around the LED.

It might just be that the mouse is failing...unfortunately.

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Look under MS Mouse in your All Programs and see if something needs to be adjusted in the settings. My wireless mouse was jumping around too much when I was scrolling. So I set the scroll speed to the slowest setting and now it's okay.

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Thanks, that is what mine is doing....the page keeps scrolling while I am trying to read it. I will check the settings.

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Does this happen all the time, even after re-booting the computer?

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I recall having a mouse where if you clicked wheel (they also can function as a third button) it would turn on "auto scroll". Move the mouse to the top of the page and it scrolls up, to the bottom of the page scrolls down.

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I set my mouse speed to the slowest and restarted my computer. It is working much better so hope it holds out until Santa comes!

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Hope you have luck. I have had issues in the past with corrupted mouse drivers. Usually a reboot would fix it, but on occasion, I had to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I was just at big lots and they had a very nice selection of name brand wireless mice for under $10 both regular size and laptop size. I get a lot of electronics there, great brand names and very low prices.
I picked up 4 of the 55 in 1 multi card readers that read all of the new HC cards also that some of the older ones will not read. I keep them on hand to share with friends that need them. They were $6 each. Also picked up a few 6 in 1 charging cables, these are very handy for charging multiple devices from one usb plug those were $6 each too.
I have a few usb hubs I picked up for that price also.
Their price for any kind of cable beats any I have seen.
I bought 2 bluetooth headsets for our smartphones for $8 each and they work great, uniden brand.

So before you go pay big bucks for a mouse check around!

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