Kim.57September 25, 2012

Put outlets above your kitchen cabinets so you can run tube lighting or Christmas lights so the cords don't show.

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Note they cannot be on the kitchen counter circuits, but may be on the lighting circuit.

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Brickeyee, what is the reason for that?
I just put under-cabinet lights in my kitchen, and just plugged them into a counter outlet. Am I in violation of something?

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Not if they are plug ins. Hardwired lighting should be on a separate circuit and there should be two separate circuits for outlets.

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Not sure what the original question was but one thing I will mention about outlets: sit in every chair/couch you plan to have in any room & look at the opposing wall. Here is what I ended up with: a speaker at the very top; a thermostat in the middle of the wall, half way down the wall; a light switch right under the thermostat but at the end of the wall & an outlet somewhere at the bottom way to the other side of the wall. Talk about "Artwork" or trying to mask this. Builders, subs, contractors don't care nor will they go into such minute details. Also make sure you have outlets by the stairs for vacuuming.

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Thanks Pal! Mine are plug-in

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