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lisadluDecember 10, 2013

Hello - I have just installed marble pebble tile and LOVE it! I have two questions on maintenance. Will bleach erode grout over time? What gentle product do you use to clean natural stone/marble? Thanks!

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I use 7th Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner (spray) in our bathrooms (White Thassos marble niche walls and shelves in all three, and border tile in our MB). I had called 7th gen when I was looking for a natural stone-safe disinfecting bathroom cleaner (it's safe on SEALED natural stone according to them, but as always, a good idea to test in as inconspicuous an area as possible)). I spray it on, let sit ~10 min, and then spray some more on the tile/walls and/or my microfiber cloth, and then wipe all around and wipe dry with the cloth. No need to rinse.

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Always use a PH Neutral cleaner.....

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Can anyone tell me if 7th Generation is a PH Neutral cleaner? If not, is there one you can recommend that is readily available? Thanks!

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I don't remember for sure, sorry, but they did tell me the disinfecting bathroom cleaner was safe for sealed stone. The disinfecting wipes, too. Never asked about their other products.

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I googled 7th Generation; the company web site doesn't seem to comment about whether their stone cleaner is ph neutral, but the web is loaded with statements that it IS neutral. So it should be okay. It sounds like a good cleaner/disinfectant. I'll have to give it a try on our granite counters.

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On our granite counters, I use alcohol-water spray that I mix up in a spray bottle, with some essential lavender oil added to the mixture ~30-50% alcohol to ~50-70% water (lavender; 20+ drops--I go by smell). According to an EPA dr with whom I'd spoken, as little as 10% alcohol in the spray bottle has anti-bacterial properties, and lavender is naturally anti-bacterial as well.

I spray it on, and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Streak-free shine.

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