Printer Ink and software _where to buy

marie_ndcalSeptember 3, 2012

Two things 1. DH has a Epson Artesian 810 Ink Jet printer and he bought a set of indivdual ink bottles to print with instead of cartridges. That person is out of business (domestic problems) and where can he buy larger bottles to fill the little ones.

# 2 Is there any software programs that I can buy to print numbers in different ways--that is numerical either in veritical or horizantal collums, or single vertical as to fit notebook paper--so I don't have to type each number seperate.



PS. Sorry for the spelling errors. I lost my bar with all the shortcuts.

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I don't know anything about this company but found them by googling: INK Refill Bottle SET

If you have any spreadsheet program (excel, works) on your computer it should should print your numbers for you. Just type the first 2 or 3 in the column or row you want them in then select those cells, put your cursor in the corner of the last one and stretch it out as far as you want. It will automatically fill in the numbers.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

What bar with short cuts did you lose? Do you mean part of the top browser toolbar? Not sure what that has to do with spell check, you should see any mistakes under lined in red, right click on the word and it offers you the correct spelling, click the correct one.

What browser are you using so we can tell you how to get the bar back.

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Raven--I got my bar back ok. Thanks
Will try the number thing
and the ink.

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