RegCure Locked up in scan mode

jerry_njSeptember 27, 2010

For reasons I'll not explain here I decided to run RegCure - Yes, I know about all the warnings about not messing with the Registry unless you are an expert, but I was only trying to run the "scan". Well after waiting for the last step in the scan sequence to finish I started clicking on the "cancel" button, as recommended by the RegCure dialog box if one wanted to stop scanning. It didn't stop, so I took a look (Windows 7, Home Premium, 64 bit) at device manager and it showed RegCure running, maybe not responding (forget now as I have just been through some trying minutes) so I decided to power down the notebook. When I tried to restart the computer it hung up in the start-up, I was hoping to get a shot at "restore"... but no boot.

Luckily, I had made a complete set of restore/recover/repair CDs using the mfg (Toshiba) I put my "Toshiba Windows Recovery" CD, powered up hitting the F12 key, then selecting the CD/DVD as my boot device. This came up nicely and offered some choices that at first led me nowhere, but finally I picked an "automatic" recovery and it happened, yes, recovery, thank G-d, now I will be able to sleep tonight, as soon as I make a fresh backup of my calendar and email folders on an off-line HDD.

I guess my reason for posting besides burning off some of my adrenaline raised by my computer freeze/lock-up, is in case other might be warned about running RegCure - I don't know what version I have, afraid to turn it on again to ask. I know I have ran it in the past.. not sure why other than I have it. Again, I got into trouble just running the scan, I had not approved/requested any changes.

I wonder if it might be good now that the computer is working to do a restore to earlier this evening. But, it does seem to be working well as is.

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Sounds like it really had nothing to do with the registry scan, I mean nothing was removed so no changes to the registry were done. I think most of the problem was the way the laptop was powered down during the scan that caused the issue. It's the same thing I would have done, maybe open the task manager first and see if I could have ended the RegCure process there.

You're smart to have made the recovery disks.

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I too feel this was nothing to do with the registry scan. You might look near the clock for the pennant style flag and click it to bring up the 'Action center'. This can show when there are problems and offer to fix it.

You might also review the Event logs for clues as to what may have caused your problem. Click Start/Control panel/Administrative Tools/Event logs

I just Googled 'Regcure for windows 7' and was amazed at how many sites are flagged by WOT, think I might remove that program sudden like Jerry. also isn't your computer 64 bit?

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Thanks, here's some updates done last night and this morning. But first, owbist, what is "WOT"... I'm an old guy and don't read some of the "text messaging" shorthand, or I'm an old guy and just forgot what I used to know WOT to mean. Yes, I'm running 64 bit. I think I will uninstall RegCure.

After posting last night I did the necessary back up to an off line HDD, then I tried a restore. While setting that up it was shown that MS had done an update at 10:40 PM, during the time RegCure was scanning - related? Could be. I have changed Windows Update from Automatic to ask for my approval. In any event the restore to last MS Update failed, some program was not available (or busy, forget what the detail was) so I ran a normal shut down and went to bed.

This morning the system booted what looked to be normal, so I tried again to do a restore so I could record what the restore change was, it was: Windows Defender Defs KB915597, still only a possible cause, no proof other than time. While in the restore setup I asked for a "scan for affected programs" none were detected. I went forward with the restore and it came up with a driver: TI105238WOE (or 0E) (C:) System. This time the restore completed successfully, DON'T ASK, just be happy. I then went back to update and had the Defender Defs (re)installed. All seems to be fine as I do this typing.

I do run Advanced System Care every few days and it does some type of Registry Check, maybe that's enough checking of the Registry. I do think, however, the problem was the running of a windows update (hence Registry changes) at the same time that RegCure was scanning.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

first and foremost there is NO need to do any type of registry cleaning with a system like windows 7 64bit, get rid of all the programs that are messing with your registry period and save some headaches.
WOT is web of trust and should be on all browsers to show if a site is safe to visit or not if not you will see red warnings.

you need to be using malwarebytes free, update and scan weekly, superantispyware free same directions, and spywareblaster free open weekly and hit update then click on enable all protection no scans to do.
Downloading and installing Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on a Windows computer

all of the above can be on the pc at the same time just run them manually one at a time.

I personally would not have any IOBIT product on my pc like advanced system care, they are a China based company that blatantly stole malwarebytes data base to create their product and has since acquiesced and removed malwarebytes portion leaving their's a shell(pretty evident they had indeed stolen it) so why not go with the REAL DEAL and use malwarebytes an honest company that is not in the business of stealing. Do you really want to trust your pc safety to a company in China that is guilty of theft? I don't.

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Thanks, guess you are saying MS finally got it right with W7 and it takes good care of the Registry. I know it asks for confirmation I want to run any program that can make changes, such as the Registry.

I have Malware (at one of your past recommendations) and SuperAntiSpyware, also Avira - I'll down load SpywareBlaster. That sounds familiar, I may have had on my previous notebook but never got around to putting it on my current front line machine.

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Avira is an anti-virus program and should not be run along with any other AV program. Remember, only one AV program per computer, but multiple spyware/malware programs. On my new Windows 7 laptop I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials along with Windows firewall. Just for good measure I also have Spywareblaster, SuperAntispyware, and Malwarebytes. No other AV program, since MSE does an excellent job. It does everything automatically, and if it hasn't scanned within a week's time, it will notify me that a scan is due. All these are free and excellent protection.

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Thanks, right the only AV program I have is Avira. I also have the MS Malware - that seems to be a background process, there is no desktop icon... at least not on my desk top. I think I will check and be sure it is really on my computer.

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If the MS Malware is Microsoft Security Essentials it is also an anti virus program.

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I also have the MS Malware
You mean Windows Defender for Spyware, right?


Above is the file name for Windows Defender. If you open the task manager, click the processes tab you will probably see MSASCui.exe running for Defender. You won't see an Icon for Windows Denfender. Users with Microsoft Security Essentials should not see the file, as Security Essentials disables Defender. Microsoft Security Essentials has it's own spyware scanner. The file runs on Vista and Win7.

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Yes, defender and I found it once I recalled the name. I put the icon back on my desk top, and recognize it from seeing it in the past on the DT.

When I turned it on it advised it had not been run (scanned my system) in a long time (forget what it was, a few weeks I guess). I ran it manually.

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