WANTED: The Extra $250.00 was worth it!!!

wizardnmFebruary 22, 2006

Thank you Granjan! ....and I'm worth it! ( that L`Oreal ad has always done a lot for my ego)

The precious package has arrived thanks to my friendly US Mail person. I'm so sorry about the ticket though. But don't worry I really don't feel guilty, it's the entire forum, all these crazy, fun, wonderful, lovable 'foodies' that are to blame. I have the addiction.......

Now onto the package, no camera so I just have to explain....

Janet's theme was, all about her area and about her restaurant. Janet, I'll be there for breakfast, if I ever get close.

The first thing I opened was a wonderful not about the restaurant. Then I opened a package with a HOMEMADE C-A-F-E T-shirt and apron. Can't wait to wear the apron this weekend when we have company coming for dinner.

Then I looked into the box and see all the cute little lemons rolling around. They are unlike any lemons I have ever seen, so I don't know what to call them. But, I can assure you, I am already trying to decide on what to make with them. Their aroma is wonderful.

Syrah.... Oh, how I look forward to really opening this. A bottle of "full bodied, dry" Syrah from Rosenblum Cellars, a local winery..YEAH!

Janet also must have found out I love local cookbooks. She sent "Everybody's San Francisco Cookbook", this will be fun to read as I read cookbooks like novels.

Janet, I'm really, really pleased and love everything!

Thank you sooooo much! And please remember the CF is worth it!


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OH Wow! Wonderful!!! Hey Nancy, I also read cookbooks like a novel. Always have.

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Wow, that IS worth it! Let us know what you do with those lemons!

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Very cool....now tell me more about "her" restaurant. Janet has a restaurant, how did I miss this? I mean I know she has a wealth of knowledge about area restaurants and food but I didn't know she had a restaurant! How cool is that!

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I didn't know Janet had a restaurant, either! Please do tell!
What a haul, Nancy! Janet you pack a mean swap box!


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yeah, me neither - I want to hear about it too - and how neat - because you used to, right Nancy? I want to hear about those lemons, too.

Everything sounds wonderful! nice job Janet.


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Another great package!!! I too would like to hear more about the restaurant. And I'm intrigued by those lemons!

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An apron! I am addicted to aprons! Love them! I wonder if they are Mayer lemons? Sounds great, Nancy! Nice job, Janet.

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Really great swap box! Nancy, I know you'll enjoy it all. Janet, so sorry about the ticket...I had something like that happen rushing to send a surcie (backed through my garage door). Anyway, you put a really nice gift together. I knew you had a restaurant and would like to hear more about it.


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Sherry, I was wondering the same thing, whether they were Meyer lemons.

OK, I remember Janet saying that she had a restaurant, I just thought she didn't mention it much because of that rule about advertising your business that has gotten a couple of prior posters into trouble. Not that most of us could run right out and go to Janet's restaurant, so that's kind of silly, LOL.

Everything sounds wonderful, what a nice box of goodies.


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What a wonderful box of goodies. maybe you can wear the apron for Canny Camp and Annie can post a picture. I would also love to hear more about the restaurant. I had no idea. Nancy maybe you could tell us about it to make sure janet does not get into trouble. A ticket is one thing but I don't want to lose any CF members!


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Those are the famous Myer lemons! Every other yard in Berkeley has a Meyer lemon tree because it's not warm enough here to grow any other citrus. (Some people like my neighbor, have regular lemon trees which produce lots of fruit, but the pith on them is 1/2" thick!)

I thought there was a card in there somewhere that explained that this package is all about ME and Berkeley, because Nancy is too prolific a poster! I couldn't focus on HER in a MINI swap because I know too much. LOL! And celadon and taupe, while beautiful colors for a kitchen, are very hard to find in kitchen items. (I tried.)

Actually, Nancy, you only have half your swap! I used the P.O.'s Flat rate boxes because I HATE paying postage costs. (With a family who all live in the Midwest I spend a fortune every year on postage.) So I had too use 2 flat rate boxes, and obviously only one came, although mailed together. You have the group from my cafe and the local produce, and the local winery. The grapes are grown in Napa but it's bottled here, actually they moved to Alameda but their wine is too good not to include... And that cookbook is really just to give you insight into the area and all the ethnic food, markets and restaurants we have. I don't think it's the best cookbook available. The next box, which better come tomorrow, has a few more Berkeley items.

And I'm really glad you DON'T feel guilty.

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Mmm Meyer lemon trees, lucky people! Nancy, you're going to love them! It sounds like a great package as is, but with more surprises to come, it will be fabulous!
Enjoy it all Nancy! Jan- sorry about the ticket, but you did great!

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OMG....Next Box? This one was very, very nice!

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Woo hoo - Box #2! Something more to look forward to, Nancy! MORE is always better!

Great job, Janet!

(whiiiiiinnneee: I want some Meyer lemons, too....)

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That's a terrific box and there's more to come? The Meyer lemons sound wonderful and you can't go wrong with a bottle of wine.

Nice one Janet. Can't wait to hear about the other box.


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Is that the same Homemade Cafe that is referred to as the "best breakfast place in Berkeley?"!? Great box!

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Well, that's a great box, and there is another one?! Wow! I was clueless to the resaurant, that shouldn't surprise anyone. LOL! A great begining here Janet, can't imagine what's to come. Enjoy it all Nancy!!


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Isn't granjan the one who send several boxes sequentially last time, keeping us all in suspense? Make notes of that! Two cookbooks - yowzers. Have fun reading, cooking, and sharing. Great box!

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Oh Boy ! stuff to enjoy & marvel over today -and then some more whenever--are you sure Janet that you didn't plan it that way? what fun Nancy --& you get to wait & we get to wonder some more !

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Great Box Janet!

I love the way Janets boxes arrive on different days. Makes for a suspensful swap package!

Enjoy Nancy!

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