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adichristiSeptember 10, 2011

Ravencajun, I have a question for you. I have my removable disk in and it won't let me safely remove it. The device generic volume cannot be stopped right now keeps coming up.

I have my pictures on there and don't want to lose them. I use Ulead Photo Explorer to view them, I have been deleting extra copys on there. I did go to Task Manager and clicked applications and two things were running in there. 1.)Safely remove hardware icon gone in XP C 2.)Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 F:\ Running. If I stop them will I lose my pictures? Please, could you give me advice on this problem. Thank you.

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Generic volume cannot be stopped right now" error when Removing a pen-drive.

Try below

Some file on your pen drive is in use by some other program on that computer. So close all such files or applications and try removing the drive.


How To Remove USB Pen Drive with Unlocker

See link

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When all else fails, shut down the computer and unplug the device, then start the computer with the device unplugged.

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Thanks zep 516 and bpgreen.

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