Prefab granite top

melrsigDecember 3, 2013

Has anyone bought the pre fab granite tops for the vanities.

If so where and are you happy with how they have held up.

I would need tops for 2 45 inch vanities.


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45" is a non standard size for prefab. 36" and 48" would be your choices. You're going to have to go custom from a fabricator.

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I bought one from Home Depot. Looks nice, but it is not the best granite around. Even though they say it was sealed, I don't believe them and sealed it myself before adding the faucet. The porcelain used for the sink isn't the best either. The dirt seems to "stick" to it so I clean it more frequently than my other sinks. It also came predrilled with three holes so I had to go with separate handles when I would have preferred a single hole/single handle set up. The back and side splash come separately and the side splash color didn't match, so I don't have one.

Overall, am I happy with the purchase? Yes, I don't plan on taking it back or replacing it. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

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Ours is not pre fab. We went to a granite yard and found a remnant. They cut it to our measurements. We picked it up and installed ourselves. 55" x 1.25". It was heavy.

Anyway the cost was just a little more than laminate.

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I got a couple from a granite fabricator who had leftovers. Call around, some places charge a lot considering they are using material that has already been paid for, and are just fabricating and putting in a sink. I had the best luck with small places. I got a 47" and a 36" for around $425 total installed, including undermount sinks. Both were higher end granite, but the place I used just charged for fabrication.

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Was that $425 total for BOTH counters installed WITH sinks? That's just a little over $200 each?

I thought I got a good deal with my 40" counter for $300 including fabrication, sink will be about another $80 on sale. We will be installing it ourselves.

Anyhow, there is usually far more choice in going to a granite yard and asking for remnants. It's surprising what is considered a 'remnant'. At my place, they have whole slabs that I can choose from. Still have one more bathroom to go, and just missed out on grabbing a piece of 'blue louise', not that it would go with my BR, but OMG was that a gorgeous stone!

This pic is from a previous GW post. Funnily enough, when I saw it at the granite place I said it reminds me of a Van Gogh painting, which is one of its common names!

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Yes it was for both, I went to 5-6 places and I bet he was slow that week so he was able to do it, it seemed to be one guy and his brother who owned the place. I just drove around the area of town with fabricators. He also charged nothing until he delivered. Later he made a 52" counter for a cabinet I added on my kitchen, and that was around $200.

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