alternative to carrera tiles?

quesera1970December 16, 2013

Hello GW'ers,

We are in the midst of a kitchen and bath remodel--"we" being me handling all the plans, communications, finances, details, and errands and my husband "weighing in" on more or less final plans (I do the work and get to make choices, he gets veto power). Well, my plans for backsplash and shower tile was just waylaid by my husband, who declared that he "hates" white (eg carrera) marble in all forms. Hates marble. Anything but marble. So, our bathroom was going to have dark slate-looking ceramic tile on the floor, and smaller hex tile in carrera on shower floor with larger carrera tiles on walls of shower--a kind of cool, understanded palette of blues/grays/whites, but with the natural beauty of a stone DH hates. Kitchen backsplash was also going to be carrera tiles (with blue pearl granite and white cabs. I think I will replace the beautiful carrera tiles in the kitchen with white subway glass (on the approved list), but I don't want it in the bathroom as well--worried that the slate-like floors and white glass tile might be a little too clinical. Can anyone recommend a ceramic tile or something that would go with dark slate-colored floors? sometime like marble, but not like marble???!!!! I think he might even go for a different color marble, and he claims to love travertine, but I'm not sure about slate and travertine together....

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Quesera - That about marble is it that he dislikes? Cost? Difficulty of upkeep? Just general look?

If it's the "substantive" items rather than the "look" then I'd suggest going with a carrara look-a-like porcelain or ceramic since you seem to prefer the carrara look.

Here's an example of my look-a-like floor while the project was in process:

Can you post a link of the "slate" style floor tile you're going to go with? There are so many ranges of colors, that would help to make things easier.

What color vanity is going into the space?

When I think "travertine" it usually brings to mind tans and light browns which could work with a slate look for an grounded-earthy room, but would need a wood vanity to ground it, not a white one. What style are you looking for? Any inspiration picture of what you consider a "perfect" look so we can get a feeling of overall style you prefer?

Sight unseen I'd say maybe a mosaic on the shower floor like:


And then run either white ceramic subway or white glass up the walls -- I don't think slate and white would be too clincical if used in the right doses.

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Our floor tile is slate-look porcelain. I did the hex on the shower floor, and white subways on the shower walls. It is a pretty common combo--a bit "warmer" and less contemporary than white glass tiles on the walls. Could that work for you?

(Never mind the striped marble--use white subways on the outside of shower, too, and something simple like charcoal quartz for vanity tops.)

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My daughter is about to start a bathroom remodel and she has decided to use Daltiles Florentine Carrara. It is a porcelain. We were able to get 3 tiles to take home and view in her room. The tiler saw them and thought they were great. It comes in both matte and glossy finish. Glossy is available in 11x14 and 12x24. Matte finish is available in 12x12, 12x24 and 24x24. They also have it in a 2x4 brick mosaic and various trim pieces.
My daughter is using the matte 12x24's on the shower walls and 24x24's on the floor.
This tile is not the same as the ceramic Daltile Carrara available at Home Depot.
Here is a pic from their website. The tiles samples we had seemed to have a bit less veining than shown in this picture. The tile are rated with a shade variation of V3 or high.

Here is a link that might be useful: Florentine Carrara porcelain

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Shanghaimom, would you mind please posting info on the hex tiles you used for your shower floor? Thanks.

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Shanghaimom, would you mind please posting info on the hex tiles you used for your shower floor? Thanks.

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It is Hampton Carrera Hex 3" x3" from The Tile Shop.

You know, I printed off all 50+ pages of your wet tile saga thread for my tile setter to read. He thought I was nuts. Probably didn't even read it.

I hope your problem is resolved this time around!!!

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Thanks, Shanghai.....nope, the shower saga is not yet resolved. In fact, most of our showers are having issues (cracked grout), but only the master is the one that needs its entire floor redone.

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