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AnthonyDecember 11, 2013

Hi all,
We're getting ready to star the MBR remodel. Here are some sketchup designs we've settled on. A few details to work out (below).

Same footprint (hall / stairwell / bedroom bordering).
Separate tub and shower
Dual sinks

Clawfoot tub
Separate room for WC / Toilet

Design considerations:
Debating twin pedestal vanities with cabinet between versus giant 6' dual sink traditional vanity
Shower with door facing room versus open ended at the tub side and no door (gave up on curbless due to constaints on how much we are willing to demo).

Planning on open air shelves in the entrance nook there on the left.

Wife isn't sold on the twin pedestal sinks, but I think a blocky rectangle right as you walk in would be too encroaching with the toilet room opposite (the pedestal softens the entrance). I envision that center cabinet having an electrical drawer with plugs and hair dryer, trimmer, etc at the ready and the oval mirrors with medicine cabinets for more storage.

All thoughts and critiques appreciated. Thanks,

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Oblique view

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Cutaway showing pedestals. Cabinet is just a concept, final design TBD.

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Dimensions. Inner ones proposed and flexible. Outer ones are fixed and accurate.

The numbers are small, but overall is 13' 4" x 9' 9.5"

Shower is 3'x5'

Toilet room is 3'x6'7"

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I think I would switch the vanity and the shower. Then maybe flip the wash closet directly opposite where toilet is (leave door opening about the same). Maybe make wash closet little shorter. Where the shower/current toilet you could make a far larger vanity with possible makeup area in current toilet area or make it L shaped vanity with little stool underneath. So when your in bedroom looking into bathroom you directly see a vanity/mirror instead of shower. I prefer a single large vanity, plus it gives you a lot more storage space.

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Toilet is probably fixed along that left/right location. The main stack is in that joist bay. Any location outside of that would require some big holes in the joists and the floor below is finished and no room to bulkhead / etc.

That has driven a lot of this design.

I have tinkered around with flipping the shower and vanity, the big sticking point is the shower corner jutting out and the toilet room corner make the room more maze-like walking in. Not to say that can't be designed around.

Thanks for the input. i'll gin something up as a revision this afternoon.

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Why the unused space between the toilet room and the door?

I would consider putting a shallow storage closet there or have one pedestal sink or built in sink there, and a vanity on the other wall further away from the door. I think something about the tower between the two vanities partially negates the openness you are trying to achieve by pedestals. You could do a vanity with a radiused corner as another option.

Or, could you turn the toilet 90-degrees with some tweaking of the waste pipe and switch the toilet room and the shower.?

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That unused space was going to be a built-in lower cabinet and some open upper shelves. The main door will cover it when opening. Sorry, that's not in the design yet and I should have mentioned it.

Hadn't thought about turning the toilet room, or splitting the vanities. That "empty" corner has the plumbing for our existing vanity now.

Hmm . . .

Great ideas. Please keep them coming.

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Personally, I would not enjoy using a pedestal sink in my master bathroom if I had any other option. I have a pedestal in a powder room and it has excellent space around the sink for a pedestal sink, but it still would not function very well for me getting ready in the morning. If your wife is not enthused about the pedestal sinks, it might be a functional problem for her as well, not just a visual issue. I think there are a lot of options out there besides either two pedestal sinks or a wide vanity. Consider two vanities next to each other. Or a double washstand or two washstands next to each other (both which provide some openness underneath like the pedestal sinks). There are also single wide vanities with towers in between the sinks or around both sinks.

It sounds like you want to keep the toilet where it is due to plumbing. Would you consider switching vanities and shower? Part of it depends on what you want to see when you first walk into the bathroom.

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here's another one I just remade. Didn't polish the details on the wall and that roman tub could easily be a clawfoot in the same alcove.

Can go with a walk in shower again. Meets most of our wants needs. Don't like seeing the toilet room door as the first thing, but at least it's not the toilet.

Will run by the wife and see what she thinks.

Thanks again all.

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