Ziporion's package arrives-delivered in the snow!

RuddMDFebruary 18, 2006

Traveling from cold and snowy Yukon, Canada to the sunny south! How ironic my swap package came this morning while it is snowing to beat the band! Don't you know the mail man pulled up with a package in this nasty weather. I go outside to get it and he first makes me wait because he can't find his pen. It had fallen to the floor. He recovers the pen, drops it, hands it to me to sign. I sign and goes to scan the bar code, well his bar code scanner doesn't work. All the while I'm standing outside, without a coat in rain mixed with snow.

But it was all well worth it!

Catherine - aka Ziporion - researched me well. She knew my favorite color is red.

This is what was included:

A wonderful card with a nice note inside. This is Catherine's first swap and she said she was nervous about it. No need to worry - everything arrived in one piece and you did a wonderful job.

These are the goodies Catherine picked out for me:

1. Some wonderful literature about her area. I look forward to sitting down tonight and learning more about where she lives.

2. A beautiful cookbook of finger foods - bite-size food for cocktail parties. This looks really interesting. DH and I like to entertain. I look forward to curling up on the couch with this tonight and planning our next get together. Or better yet, maybe I'll take this to the tub tonight, like Chase and read while I soak. lol. I'll have to include a glass of wine in that scenario. . . .

3. Some lovely red and green cocktail napkins. These are beautiful. I know I will enjoy using them.

4. A RED Kitchenaid basting brush. This matches my red Kitchenaid mixer. I'll store this in my utensil holder on the counter so it can be seen. And I did not have one of these.

5. Organic coffee beans. This I will really enjoy. I love good coffee and this is going to give me an excuse to go buy a coffee grinder. There will be one in my house before morning. lol. Before the mailman arrived, I was getting ready to head out the door to go to the outlets to buy a new bra. How convenient a kitchen supply store is right besides the Hanes outlet. :)

6. Last, but not least is a big bottle of organic maple syrup. I love maple syrup and will find many uses for this.

It's starting to snow really hard now. I believe a little bit of Yukon weather jumped out of the box. A box from Canada arriving on a snowy day in the south is something I'll always remember.

Catherine - thank you so much for the goodies. These are truly appreciated.

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Ohhhh...what a nice package Catharine put together for you, Doris.

You did very well, Catharine, for your first swap.

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How nice that Catherine included a newspaper from her area! I got the "Finger Food" book in a past swap and love it! Have tried several of the recipes in it and so far all great!

Beautiful package, Doris, I know you will enjoy it for a long time!


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A newspaper from the Youkon sounds like fun! And the other things are great. Beautiful brush although I hide all red things in my kitchen. LOL

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Great job!! Enjoy your bath Doris!!

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Doris...a great swap package to receive! Enjoy!

Terrific job Catherine!

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A great swap package that literally brought a pice of the area with it. So Doris how is the snow? Personally here in Vermont we have not received any this winter.

That book looks like fun for your parties. What grade is the maple syrup? We love maple syrup here. I use it in marinades, salad dressing, bread, glazes... oh yeah, we put it on pancakes as well.


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The snow is wet, cold and not sticking. . . . . I guess the 70 degree weather two days ago warmed the ground too much.

Maple syrup has grades? Who knew? This says Canada No 2 Amber. "Harvested towards the end of the season. This grade features a higher mineral content and a stronger maple flavor."

I have a new coffee grinder ready to go in the morning. I'm looking forward to my first homemade ground pot of coffee.

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Hmm, sounds like Canada has a different grading system then the US. I would guess that would be a Grade A dark Amber, or maybe Maybe Medium Amber, here. The darker the more pronounced maple flavor. I never knew about the grades until I moved to VT. Most places in the country you can only get a single grade as large producers just combine all their syrup and sell one grade.

The March issue of Gourmet has a whole section on maple syrup recipes.


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Unlike Granjan, I display all my red items! Love the color, and love your package. Great job.

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Great package!! You can fix yourself some pancakes to have with your syrup, a nice cup of fresh-ground coffee, and read the paper. Just put your feet up and relax! Simply lovely.

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Love it. Awesome package! Adele

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I also love all red things for my kitchen. What a wonderful swap package. I too think the finger foods book sounds great. Nice job Catherine. Lucky you Doris.

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Doris, I'm so glad the package got there in one piece! Although I wrapped the syrup fairly well, you just never know how it's going to fare being jostled around the country! Just looking at the top part of it, it looks like it got a bit of a shake in the process of being sent.

I'm glad you like everything... I did research you a bit (the thread that asked us to tell a bit about our likes on the swap link really helped).

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief!

Hope you enjoy!

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Catherine--you did a great job on your first swap ! Doris--you're in for a treat with that maple syrup ( & all the rest ).

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Doris, everything sounds wonderful!

Catherine, yes, you did a great job on your first swap.


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Nicely done Catherine. You really did do a wonderful job putting together a great gift from Canada for Doris.


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Well done..It's so nice to see what everyone comes up with!

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Great job Catherine, a very, very nice selection! Doris you're going to love that maple syrup!

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Mmmmm - pancakes yesterday morning with a cup of fresh ground coffee. The maple syrup was delicious!

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Wow, Catherine, I want to know how you got that snow in there, now that's quite a trick!!

Yum, maple syrup. I love it, in fact I'm sitting here with a slice of toast made from maple oatmeal bread. I agree with RobinKate, it sounds like maybe a medium amber. I like the darker syrups best, they have the most maple flavor.

Breakfast sounds wonderful, Doris, coffee and maple syrup on pancakes, while reading the Yukon paper.


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Great job, Catherine! And how neat that a little bit of the Yukon arrived in the box -- along with all the accoutrments to enjoy a snowy morning when you can just hang around the house and read the paper. Anybody's paper!
I'm sure you'll enjoy them all, Doris!

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Yummy stuff for you Doris, and I love that finger foods book. Good one Catherine.

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This exchange is so much fun! I just love coming to the website to see what's changed or new! Thanks for all the good words too, I'm no longer anxious about exchanges with you folks cheering everyone on. Can't wait to see what happens next...


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Catherine could you send me some snow too?

Great package you put together. I love the Yukon News you included. The cookbook looks like something I would definitely like.

Doris enjoy your treats.


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Tracey, I'd love to send you some snow but we hardly have any ourselves. Our annual dog sled race, the Yukon Quest, left from Fairbanks (AK) enroute to Whitehorse (YK), but this year because of the small amount of snow we've had, they've had to turn back and finish the race at Dawson City (about 7 hours northwest of here). Our local skiers are crying for it too! Still, I'm looking forward to a little spring!


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Nice package! Would love to try that maple syrup.

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ooh, I'd love to get a peek at that cookbook! What a great package Catherine!


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Very nice package Catherine! I too was a "newbie" at a Cooking forum swap. It was nerve racking, I'll give you that. (I've done many a swap over my years on the internet, and even craft swaps that I had to make 13 items, but this was HARD!)
But it was fun to find posts, old and new on Mustangs, and read about her.

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I"m going to check out that book. Always looking for new appetizers. yummers. That pastry brush rocks, I have one pretty similar!

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I'm still trying to catch up on what was received while I was gone.

Maple syrup from Canada is wonderful. I can say from first hand knowledge now that FingerFood is great food! It's on my desk too, for frequent browsing until I have time to make a small plate feast.

Great job Catherine, aren't swaps fun!


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Nice selection of goodies for Doris. Enjoy your package!

I've heard about the maple syrup from Canada and how wonderful it is. Catherine great box!

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Sharon got me hooked on real maple syrup. You're gonna love it! I hope you share a recipe or two out of that book when you find a some good ones. Enjoy it all Doris!


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