Can this tile tile problem be fixed?

nancy486December 4, 2013

The tile setter configured a tile pattern on pony wall of shower. That pattern does not conform to the clean simple design I desired & what I'd expected based on pics on design websites (Houzz, etc). Pics from those websites show uninterrupted horizontal tile courses/grout lines from inside shower wall, across narrow front of pony wall, and around to outside of pony wall. After a couple sleepless nights trying to convince myself that this unconventional design would grow on me, I advised contractor that this chopped up vertical pattern was not acceptable & needed to be fixed. I think he plans to put 3x6 bullnose tiles, still in a vertical pattern, which will still break the horizontal continuum & leave an unbroken vertical line up the middle of the wall. IS THERE ABY WAY TO FIX THIS? is there a way to get the look wanted & what seems to be std in the industry, ie continuation of horizontal pattern across front of pony wall? Same pattern was used on shower ledge & top of wall. Any ideas on how to fix that?

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Did you give him a layout that he failed to follow? If not, I don't see how this is his problem.

Can it be fixed? Sure, rip it out and start over, at your cost!

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Fix what, no pics?

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I resubmitted Q w/ pic in later msg.
i did not give specific instructions about design, other than general design objective of clean & simple & that all work to be a/c to std in the trade. Remodel, materials, features & design are clean & simple except at end and top of pony wall & shower wall ledge. I assumed trade std was as seen in pics w/ pony wall or outside corners.
Fault or payment are not issue or Q. I just want to know how to fix it to make it look right, ie clean & simple. Tile in problem area is going to be torn out. My question is how are cont. horizontal tile lines accomplished when tiling around end of a pony wall.

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I can't see the picture, but generally:

A consistent tile patter that wraps around corners and maintains a "grid" of tile uniform tile sizes requires a couple of things.

1) the tile in question generally has to come with trim pieces that are the same dimensions as the field tile. That means the bullnose pieces, the corner bullnose pieces, any cove pieces or inside or outside corner pieces all have to come in that size.

It's fairly standard to do 4x4 nominal tile with bullose and trim tile in 2x6, or 3x6 subway tile with bullnose and trim in 2x6, with corner bullnoses being as small as 2x2 nominal.

Unless you specify otherwise and special order (usually) the specific trim pieces it is common to use the other types of trim.

I am doing a bathroom right now that is going to be a perfect grid in all directions of full tile but it had to be planned that way in framing and we are still having to tweak it a bit.

Complicating it is that the company stopped making one crucial piece of trim because it was uncommonly requested.

But to get a ponywall to wrap in full tiles without pieces the finished ponywall needs to be the exact dimension for the tiles and this is not usually accomplished with 2x4 framing and drywall or cement board. The framing usually needs to be a bit smaller or larger to match up with tile dimensions.

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Thread with photo here.

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