Experience with Altman's bath fixtures?

EstimatedEyesDecember 6, 2012

We are im the midst of our remodel and have to select a fixture family ahead of plumbing rough-in. We've narrowed the list to Rohl, Grohe, Brooklyn Watermark and Altman's -- however we can find only limited info on the Altman's line. Any experience with use or reliability of fixtures from that brand will be appreciated. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Altman's Bath Fixtures

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I have used Rohl, Grohe and Watermark - love them all. Are you buying online or from a local supplier?
It's a really good idea to buy from a local supplier if you can, for servicing in case you have any issues.

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Thanks. We will be buying from a local supplier. We have heard mixed reviews on Rohl ... since they are mostly a repackager rather than a manufacturer service and reliability appears to vary from fixture to fixture. Grohe gets very good reviews but choices are somewhat limited, partcularly as to finish. I love the Watermark stuff, my wife is just ok with it, and the price probably makes it a no go. We love the look of a few of the Altman's products, and the price is comparable to Grohe and a little less than Rohl. The only thing that has us hedging our bets at this point is the lack of reviews and information anywhere on the net about their products (other than the co. website).

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Try the link below. the first tab has an overview, the second is a table of reviews on brands. Your Altman's isn't on there though.

Search the rest of Star Craft site for a lot of articles that relate to remodeling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Star Craft Custom Builders website

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I had ALtman in one of my baths before I remodeled two of my bathrooms last year. The other bath had Jado. The Altman stuff broke early and often while the Jado was fine. I would not recommend Altman based on my past experience. The only caveat is that the bath in question was remodeled in 1993. Maybe they are better now.

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