Are you all doing a keyed knob and a deadbolt on exterior doors?

threeapplesSeptember 26, 2012

this is what our door guy is suggesting. the keyed knobs are so unsightly :(

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how about an entryset? this is for things like mud room/secondary doors not provided by the window supplier right? (since those would presumably come with multipoint hardware mounted)

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Yes, this is for mud room and the door to the garage. An entry set doesn't have a deadbolt though.

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An "entry lockset" is latching with a deadbolt above it.

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so it has a deadbolt built in?

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Sounds like you're getting close, threeapples!! We thought about this very question long & hard and finally decided to go with standard entry knob (lever in our case) with a single deadbolt. The thing that tipped the scales for us was thinking back to all the times we inadvertently locked ourselves out of the house using the knob with the lock built in. DH's solution to this when it occurred was to push the lever to it's breaking point and voila the door would open. If it's really that easy to break the darn thing to gain entry, then it's really not worth the hassle. Plus we couldn't get anymore of our lever sets in the new house as they were discontinued shortly after we purchased--no extras to set aside for when we would have eventually had to break a few.

Hope this helps!

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From experience, if you do a keyed knob and deadbolt make sure you have a key hidden somewhere or a key pad on your garage. We keep our knob unlocked and only use the deadbolt. Guests, especially little ones, tend to play with it though. I am in the habit of checking the knob before closing the door to see if it's locked or not even with a key and key pad now. My opinion is to skip the keyed knob.

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I decided to not do the keyed knob and choose an entry set. Now I have to decide which brand. We have Rocky Mountain hardware on the front door in the arch pattern (was required in multipoint), crown city brass egg and dart on interior doors, and Marvin brass levers on the patio doors. I hate the fact that there are so many hardware profiles in this house! Oh, and basement sliding doors are Marvin white--yuck! Should I do Rocky Mountain on mud hall and garage doors then or get Baldwin or Emtek? This is just too many decisions.

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Use the Rocky Mountain again

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And see if Rocky Mountain has a pull you could use on the slider.

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