subzero 550 need help

fastudioOctober 25, 2013

my subzero 550 fridge is warm, however the freezer works great. i cleaned the condensor fins on top thorougly. the evaporator fan in fridge is running and there is no ice build up. i took off the panel to check the evaporator and it looks clean and unobstructed. i can hear the fridge compressor kick in and hum when thermostat switch calls for cooling. but: the evaporator does not get cold when the machine is running tho. is my fridge-side compressor failing? what else could be going on here. thank you very much. flo

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SZ did have a problem with the evaporators, somewhere in the time frame your 550 was built. They would leak out all the freon.To save the compressor, (in case yours did leak out the freon), I would turn off the fridge side, that way "Maybe" all you will need is a new evaporator and a recharge, instead of a compressor.

I am "Assuming" that what you are hearing is the actual compressor running and not some fan.

Best of luck with it~~~~~pretty sure it will need a service call and "Hopefully" by an honest repairman!!!!


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thanks for the reply gary. i am having a repairman (honest??) check the fridge today, problem is theses guys never want to open or check anything, usually they stick a hand in the fridge and make an assessment: needs a new xxxx. however: one thing i noticed and i wonder if you know whether this is correct: the condenser fan behind the condenser PULLS air from the outside front of fridge and across the condenser and then over the compressors inside. shouldnt this fan PUSH air OUT from the compressor compartment and across the condenser out the front. is it running/hooked up backwards? thank you.

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Assuming that the compressor is designed to operate at the ambient temperature it is in with warm air from the condenser, the flow direction you report is the most electrically efficient (highest coefficient of performance). One wants the condenser to get the coldest cooling air it can.


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thanks for the help. good to know "kas" .
does it sound more like i have a faulty fridge evaporator or a bad compressor?

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update: service guy was here today and measured freon amount, which was correct. so no leak in evaporator it looks⦠he is ordering a new compressor, fridge side. i will update next week when it is in...

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Did the service guy actually check to see if the compressor was running?
The reason I ask is that another poster was told they had a bad compressor but it was a "Start Relay" for the compressor, and they were even able to replace that themselves.

If the compressor is not running at all, the start relay should be checked first,
(I am "assuming" that the fridge does not the variable speed compressor that does NOT have a start Relay).

(As I recall, it was not an SZ fridge but it has been a while since that post).


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hi gary thank for your insight. the compressor was running it seemed to me.

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Now its good that your freezer is working well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sub-Zero Service

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