What do you think - shower curtain or glass door

sjhockeyfan325December 13, 2013

We recently took out a tub and installed a shower. Location and size were subject to the constraint that this is an industrial loft with concrete floors, so not much relocation (we had wanted to move the toilet and enlarge the shower but couldn't be done). So the shower is 32" x 62". We haven't used it yet, but hope to be able to this weekend. Right now we have a temporary shower rod and clear curtain which is great because the tile is gorgeous and I don't want to hide it.

My question is, given the narrow size of the shower, would you stick with a shower curtain or install a glass panel/sliding door?

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Well, I'd like the comfort of a shower curtain, but I think that I'd prefer the looks of a glass door on that gorgeous shower. Or else I'd look for the perfect shower curtain to set it all off. The clear doesn't do it justice and most curtains will open quite far to allow you to see the tile. I might prefer a plain cloth one about the color of your lighter tile. Or a plain dark one, maybe a gray pulled from the shower floor tile.

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Thanks for your thoughts Oly. That clear curtain is a liner that cost me $2.39 at Target -- it's temporary for sure!!

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sjhockeyfan - We just did our same size shower with a similar tile and also struggled with shower curtain vs. glass door. We opted to go with a ceiling mounted shower track using chains with the curtain. I posted a link to a photo of these types of curtains in the post "HELP! Sliding shower door question". Good luck. Either way it will look great. Love your tile!

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Thank you both. Lisa, I'll look for your pictures.

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You have a gorgeous shower, don't hide it.

We just finished our guest bath. The shower floor dimension is 35 x 57, we use frame less glass enclosure with a door that opens both directions (toward the shower or toward the room). The glass enclosure keeps the shower warm, and makes the room looks bigger and brighter. We love the sleek, airy and modern look.

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Depends on the rest of the room. If the vanity and accessories are traditional or vintage, I think a sheer flowing shower curtain (probably needs to be custom made) that hangs from the ceiling and has tie backs on the side might be nice but if you have maybe a floating vanity cabinet and modern accessories with floor tile that is simple and doesn't have much of a pattern (i.e. contemporary), I think a glass frameless shower door would look nice (though a lot more expensive).

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It' looks so gorgeous, my vote is glass. :)

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The vanity is dark (but not espresso or ebony) wood in something between transitional and contemporary style, nothing traditional or vintage, but not super modern either) , although we're definitely leaning toward a modern vibe this go-around. As for the cost, I love the cost of the shower curtain liner from Target ($2.39 plus $.99 for the rings) but a shower door was in the original budget, so that's good (we're on budget). Thanks for all your thoughts. We'll probably live with the curtain for a few weeks and then decide, but I'd guess we'll go for the door.

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i love your tile!!!

although i think glass would look awesome, i would be concerned about the narrowness of the shower, so would definitely try it for awhile before making a decision--- i might decide a curved rod would be best for me and my elbows!

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I bought a white cloth shower curtain today that is very reminiscent of the tile. We'll use it at least through to January and then decide - it looks good, though. I also got a shower rug that looks awesome with the tile. And my wonderful painter offered to come tomorrow (Sunday) to paint the bathroom and dining room wall so they'll look somewhat done before my son and DIL (who just finished their own remodeling project in their condo) get home next week.

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This is great. Happy holidays and have a wonderful time with the family.

I think the wait and see approach is fine. I may have to do this too, because of budget!

Love the rug. And beautiful shower!

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It looks amazing. You made such nice choices. Love it!

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I would not do a glass door. I'd always be knocking my elbows.

I put in a curtain in my shower with a tension curved bar, to get even extra room out of my 36" base...

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