Wired connection or Wi-Fi connection

davestexasSeptember 30, 2013

I'm getting a desktop pc that has both type connections. Is one more secure than the other when it comes to money transactions? I have Uverse as provider. I can use either or both type connections.

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If you use WPA2 encryption on wifi and an up to date browser, you have nothing to worry about with a home wireless connection for financial transactions.

If you're prone to worrying, walk out your door and go to the bank.

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A wired connection will always been more secure that a wireless connection but some of that depends on what going on with the rest of your network. Personally, given the option for a desktop, I'd prefer to use the wired connection. They're generally easier to set up and not subject to interference.

One of our neighbors has a sexually suggestive SSID. His network is secured with WEP (not WPA2) and it took me less than 5 minutes to access his network. And that was using software that isn't optimized for hacking into a network.

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Mike, do you like scaring people with suggestive and (in my opinion) misleading comments?

The WEP "encryption" (it's a stretch to call it that) was broken years ago. It's easily defeated and is essentially open. That's not even old news. it's very old news.

WPA2 is difficult to crack, and a financial conversation using https is very, very, very difficult to intercept. I won't say impossible, but beyond the reach of other than top pros.

I think any user here should feel completely safe in using a properly secured home PC and WPA2 wifi signal to conduct any nature of communications over the internet.

Yes, a wire can be more secure but the EM radiation wires and PCs emit can also be intercepted too. Are you suggesting every home needs radiation shielding?

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