Caulking 1/2 inch gap bet. tile & fixture

LisaHDecember 30, 2012

I am just finishing up a bathroom remodel. Underneath the shower fixture there is a 1/2 inch gap between tile and fixture. The contractor is coming back in about 4 hours to fix the gap, but he's not the most experienced guy, and I'm afraid he's going to just try to fill the gap with caulk. The gap is large enough that it looks like caulk there will never remain stable. Is there some trick I should know for filling such a large gap? (so that I can evaluate his solution when I talk to him) Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Pictures might help because I'm not visualizing a "shower fixture." Does the gap exist because the tile was cut incorrectly? If so, replace the tile.

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Thanks--here is a picture. (Sorry the quality isn't great, but it should give you some idea.)

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Trying again!

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Tile looks cut incorrectly to me, he should be replacing and not filling with caulk.

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Thanks a lot!

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