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goldySeptember 15, 2011

I brought a camera.They gave mea disk for instructions.I put the disk in .I hear it playing and that"s about it.How do I get it to show on the screen.From what I have told you you know I don't know much about computors.I'n 81 years old so do't make fun just help me to get the thing to display.

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Look for MyComputer Icon on the desk top, or click start and look for MyComputer in the start menu. In Vista or Win 7 it's called just Computer, anyway when you find it double click it when it opens look for DVD ROM and double click that. Tell us what happens then...

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ZEP516 You are the BEST you did not make fun of me and you got to the point.My problem is solved.It was all there just as you said.God be with you.

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81 years old....good for you. You should be proud of yourself.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

hey goldy I just wanted to tell you that just because they gave you some software with that camera you do not have to install it, that would be one more program on your pc.
Windows can handle the job with out that additional stuff from the camera.

The way I like to transfer my pictures from my camera is to take the Memory card out of the camera and put it into a memory card reader (many computers have them built in) and just move them from that card to the pc. Easy to do.
I use a memory card reader that plugs into the usb port of my pc and cost me $6.

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Goldy, another octogenarian here. I also transfer my pictures by removing the card from the camera and putting it into the built-in card reader on my computer (HP). Then it's so easy to transfer any one or all of them to the computer. Be sure to use the "Safely Remove Hardware" thingy before removing the card from the computer. Then just put it back into your camera and continue taking pictures as before. Amazing how many pictures one of these little cards will hold. I have several years' worth of pictures on the card that is in my camera, but I don't snap pictures all day long every day, either!

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hankyou all so much.You have really helped me.So simple too.It will be a little hard getting it out because I have long nails.So I will wait a day before I go to have them done incase I brake a nail.vanity oh vanity.thankyou again

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Yes, most of the accompanying software is redundant to other applications. However, not knowing what photo software you normally use I ask you take a minute to see what is included in the camera software. Some packages offer utilities which may be of interest to you, i.e. photo stitching, panoramas, collages and the such.

Even if you do install the software and find it not to your liking historically they remove rather easily.


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