How do I clean out my auto-fill list?

michelle_phxazSeptember 26, 2011

I have several websites that autofill the info boxes once I type the first few letters, but some of them have several options that are no longer used because I changed the name or password. How do I edit that list with Windows XP and IE?


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The link below explains how to do this in IE7 and IE8. See if that helps.

There is a shortcut to Internet Options also:

Click on Tools > Internet Options > then follow the instructions from Step 2 on in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delete AutoComplete saved information

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My IE9/vista.. if I change a stored/existing autofill data field on a webpage.. as soon as I start typing the value I think.. it gives a drop down box to select the value from.

Put your mouse over that value\ you want deleted.. push the keyboard delete key.

Type in the new value & when submitted, IE should save it.

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bbbluz, I had found that, but it deletes everything, not selected usernames.

Mikie, I never though of trying to delete them from the page, but it worked just fine.

Thank you to you both for your responses!

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