Is that a firetruck? Any memorable "First night" stories?

IbewyeSeptember 19, 2013

Last week my sister officially finished their home and were finally planning to relax after moving all day. Moving just down the road from us it was to see their cars in the driveway and the front porch light on, a short time later I happened to notice the flickering of red and blue lights. Quickly I looked out to window to see a firetruck and ambulance crew and rushed to the phone to find out what happened. Turns out their oven had never been converted to propane fuel and basically when they tried to use it a small fireball erupted and CO2 detectors went off-as a precaution they called fire to be safe. I was sure to grab 6-pack and lawn chair and laugh at the new neighbors while I capture the memories for later. Anyone have any similar first night stories?

As a sidenote-the first night in their previous home they were awoken by numerous bats circling the room as they struggled to find the light switch in the new place.

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Well mine's not quite that good but it made me laugh. My kids for years wanted a dog, and I said no dog until I get a mudroom. We finally planned a mudroom addition that turned into a larger addition (over 1000 sq. ft.) on 2 floors, and included gutting 3 bathrooms and the kitchen, a new MB and Master bath, refinished floors, and some other changes.

We moved out for about 10 weeks during the renovation. About 5 minutes after we moved back in, the kids asked "so when do we get the dog?"

We have now had Hendrix the crazy Labradoodle for 4 years and 1 week. (And I have my mudroom. It is well used.)

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When we got the keys at the closing we immediately drove to the house. Got to the door with a glass window and immediately saw that the foyer ceiling had fallen down.

Thankfully we weren't moving in for a few days.

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Ummm our jack russell tore out/ate the master bedroom carpet..... We hadn't been in our house 2 weeks.

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After closing we drove to the house and our keys did not work. They could not find the keys that went to our house. Finally they sent a locksmith to change all the locks.

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We purchased our first home, had a celebrator lunch with the realtor, and went to move in with our rented moving truck to find the previous owner had not moved out yet. We actually had to assist them in loading their truck. They left behind so much junk I wanted a refund. We were able to move them out that day but it took me 2 weeks of intense cleaning, bug bombs, gallons of bleach, and countless trips to the dump before we could unload our items. Not so happy homecoming.

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My brother and sister-in-law had been living in a lively city neighborhood, somewhat transitional, and wanted someplace quieter. They found the perfect house on a small cul-de-sac abutting a cemetary. What could be more peaceful than that?

They moved in on a Friday and stayed up late getting everything settled, then went to bed planning a nice, quiet sleep-in the next morning. At 10 a.m. they were jolted out of bed by the sound of gunfire! They hid under the bed and called the police from there.

It turns out it was a funeral for a military veteran, with the traditional salute.

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We moved into our first house in FL as a couple back in 1980. Our first night in the house was Halloween, and we did hand out candy despite still being packed in boxes. Among the trick-or-treaters were some old friends of ours on vacation in FL! We didn't even know they were in the state, but they found us through a series of phone calls.

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First night in our new home was Christmas Eve. It was a last minute decision to move before Christmas ("closing" got moved up), so our move was not very organized.

Anyway, we moved the whole l"real" Christmas tree from the other house...ornaments, lights, and all, although I did carefully packed away a few of the most cherished ornaments. We just wrapped up the tree in a couple of king sized sheets and blankets, and off it went to the new house.

Although we'd moved numerous times and I'd become a pro at it, that move was totally unorganized and crazy, but we loved spending Christmas in our new home.

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Yeah, my first-night-in-the-house story has to do with fire trucks too . . . though, in my case, they were imaginary.

Looking through the door into the office, I was SURE I saw a fire truck outside, and I went RUNNING to see why they were in my yard, yet making no noise . . . nope, no fire trucks. My door has lots of leaded glass, and the neighbor's red tail lights reflected through all those little prisms and just exploded them into what looked like a huge bunch of red lights. In the end, it was nothing at all, and now I've learned to ignore "the fire truck".

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Purchased my first (and only!) house. Led family and friends through for the grand tour. Returned later in order to move in a few things and found the previous owners had broken in to the house via breaking the lock on the front door in order to remove a few of their things that were remaining (ski boots, bed frame etc). The house had been on the market (and vacant for months). The closing had been scheduled for several weeks, yet they made no attempt to remove the few items remaining, nor did they try to call me to arrange for pick up. Needless to say I was not happy and they had to pay to repair the lock.

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We moved into our new custom home in Colorado 2 days before Christmas in 1994. First problem was the oven didn't work when attempting to cook the turkey on Christmas day, so ended up cooking it on the grill. As we sat down to eat much later we heard a great big bang and then the house shook pretty dramatically for about 15 seconds. I was sure something mechanical had exploded, but it was an earthquake. No damage at our house but several neighbors did.

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Joyce_6333, all I can picture is someone running downstairs imagining the worst and then running back upstairs and announcing "oh thank god, it was only an earthquake."

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I built my first house as a single woman in my late twenties and my boyfriend at the time (now husband) was helping me move in. He was told by the inspector that we should run the water in the bathtubs and sinks for about 10 minutes to get any construction stuff out. Whatever that means. So DH turned on all the faucets in the house. Only he forgot to turn them off! gets better... i was in my master bath for about an hour unpacking while he was moving some things into the garage. I came out to the front foyer to go ask him something and saw the entire foyer full of water! As well as the two front bedrooms, their closets, and the bathroom. Not only did he forget to turn them off, He forgot to check if the bathtub drain was closed! He flooded the house before we even spent the first night in it!!! Luckily our builder was so nice that they came and ripped out all the carpet in the bedrooms and reinstalled for us. At no charge!

I didn't talk to him for hours. My mom always taught me "if you can't say anything nice font say anything at all." ;)

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