jka1941September 1, 2012

I just purchased aThe New I-Pad and know nothing about apple products. How do I find out if Java is installed on it? Apparently there is a serious security Flaw inJava 7 and it needs a patch or else should be disabled. I don' t know how you find out where your installed programs are, like you do on Windows.

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One suggestion I offer to anyone who spends time on the internet is that you need to learn what to ignore. Articles containing security warnings are among the things you need to ignore.

If your only Java interest is this warning you heard about, you can move on and forget about it. I'd bet there are many hundreds of millions of devices around the world running old versions of Java without a problem. In fact, I'm not sure IF Ipads even run Java.

When software has security holes, you'll be notified (on most platforms) of the availability of new versions. Otherwise, nothing for you to do or worry about. Visit only mainstream websites and lose no sleep now or in the future.

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iOS (the operating system of an iPad) doesn't run Java. Nor Flash for that matter. So no need to worry about Java security.

iOS is entirely different that what you're used to on a Windows machine. You aren't going to see the endless parade of updates as with Windows, there might be one or two updates to the operating system in a year. Now, there will be updates to your apps but that's different than the operating system itself.

Generally speaking iPads are pretty secure because of the way the operating system functions and that apps are vetting by Apple before released to the public. You can run into problems if you jailbreak the device, but you're not likely to do that.

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Mike (re updates)

Let me suggest a different explanation. Limited updating is not a sign of anything, and certainly not a sign of quality.

All software is buggy, including all the good stuff. Writing enhancements and new features, bug fixes, problem corrections, is ongoing and never ending for all software developers.

Most choose to issue such updates as they become ready for prime time. When enhancements and changes are substantial, you can call it a new version and sell it anew.

Apple chooses, as a marketing ploy, to hold back all but essential OS updates and release them once a year as a "New version". And they usually charge for it. Do you think it's coincidental that OS X new version development wraps up all necessary work by the same time every year to allow a release in the July-Oct time frame? No, the release time is set well in advance, they put in what is ready, and defer the rest until the next "new version".

If you look into it, you'll find IOS and OSX "new versions' contain plenty of bug fixes. They use different terminology, because of course, Apple software has no bugs. (!?!)

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So Snidely, what it sounds like to me, is that in your opinion, I spent several hundred dollars more than I needed to and might as well purchased an Android Tablet.

Well I will just enjoy it and, learn as I go, since I have it now. I am enjoying it.

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Not at all, jka. Ipads are awesome, it'll provide great service to you. Ipad apps are fantastic (though the Droid world is catching up). There are many cheap Droid tablets on the market right now made by obscure/sketchy companies, you made the right choice if you considered that as your alternative. Droid tablets from mainstream sources (which is what the real alternative to an Ipad is) aren't all that different in price.

If you bought it solely because you thought there was a security benefit, you may have been overly cautious (in my opinion).

Enjoy your Ipad and don't give it another thought.

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One of our iPads have undergone two version updates without an additional expense.

Certainly no operating system is without bugs and my intent was more to reassure a new iPad owner that she didn't have to worry about updates and security.

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