Should I be worried..SMART attribute fail

Pooh BearSeptember 25, 2011

I get this error message about once per day.

Should I be worried and start looking for a new drive.

I don't even know what program is generating the message.


Pooh Bear

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It's not a program that generates the error, I believe its some sort of device (Hardware) built into the motherboard.

I would be somewhat concerned if you're getting that error once a day. It could indicate many things, drive overheat, drive not spinning up as fast as it should indicating a Bering issue or even bad sectors. Without additional software you can't really read exactly what attributes you are being warned about. All in all I would always be prepared for a failure and have data backed up. You're lucky you're getting a nudge to do something about it before it fails. Smart technology is not an exact science the drive may last another year, but why take a chance.

I did some additional research as well, I needed the information myself....

"SMART is a method through which devices monitor, store and analyze information on their operational state. This state information is exported through a set of attributes (e.g., temperature, number of reallocated sectors, seek errors), which software solutions can use to measure the health of a device, predict when a device may fail, and provide notifications when attributes are approaching unsafe values."

#3 Weight of attributes

"Different attributes affect disk health differently. Some attributes (for example, 10 - spin retry count) are very critical. A small change in this attribute may indicate a serious problem, for example bad motor or bearing - but maybe a weak power supply can cause this problem also."

"For such attributes, manufacturers often use a high threshold value, so they can be reached relatively easily. But because of the selection of the threshold and the function described above in (1) inequality, some problems may be completely ignored. So users will not notice any changes of the critical attributes."

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Pooh Bear

I ran DriveHealth and got this report:

Don't know how to interpret it tho.


Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Try 'Crystal Disk Info' maybe?
for a second opinion. It will tell you what to worry about with a smart number... then perhaps visit wikipedia ... and read a little. They have the value/descriptions.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ha ha, being of simple mind as I am wont to be I would see all those green check marks as positive signs. Having received the warning to start this off though I would seriously consider backing up my data - just in case

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What the original notice said is that an unspecified SMART attribute FELL. It did not say it failed. So to my way of thinking that would indicate that SOMETHING in the SMART items was below par. Still, such a vague warning doesn't indicate very much. I would definitely back up data. Last year I ran HDD Health which indicated my hdd was healthy, yet it was actually failing at the time. One minute it was fine; the next it was dead.

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the 'Drive Health Tool' seems to be shareware & seems to have a newer verion free undate ... might update it ???

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Pooh Bear

I ran the Crystal Disk Info program.
I understood less of it. Really cool graphics test, tho.
The test seem to point to a healthy hard drive.
Still, I wonder what causes that warning message.
Anyway, I plan to replace the drive soon as I can.

Pooh Bear

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