Our minor bath reno moved to the top of the list - help?

clubcrackerDecember 5, 2011

Hi all,

Our house was built in the 1750's, it is a Cape in CT. It has a master bed/bath on the first floor with tiled shower that works great for DH and I. The 2nd floor bath is in need of an update but the kids liked it fine so no rush.

Well now the old tub faucets are trashed. I had been having more and more trouble turning the cold on and off, and then while I had kids in the tub the other day some black fluid leaked out from under the faucet so time to call in the plumber.

Turns out there were old, old fittings behind this old tub set and they are shot. Water was leaking in slowly and deteriorated a rubber gasket (fortunately the black fluid was only the black rubber material).

We are keeping the tub and the room is so small I think the layout needs to remain the same.

I need to immediately find an 8" spread, wall mount faucet set, and I'd like to add a shower (hand or wall) while we're at it since the tile/wall around the existing faucet is going to be opened up.

The vanity can be replaced with another vanity or a pedestal - thoughts on that? There is a large cabinet in the hall so we do have some storage outside the bathroom.

I'd like a white sink/vanity/pedestal and toilet, and want to replace the existing floor tile with hex or something else that's classic, old house appropriate and fairly simple for the DIYer to install.

Question - is it crazy to consider radiant flooring? there's only about 4' X 4' of actual floor space in the room, and it tends to be chilly up there.

The plumber will do the faucets and fixtures; we may have a carpenter re-do the framing on the tub faucet wall, but the rest will be DIY. New paint, may as well re-do all the tub surround tile since we're taking out the faucet wall as well...

So here are some pics of possibly the world's ugliest bath...lol. Suggestions and thoughts welcome!

This was once a window, I assume, before the roofline was extended in the 70's to allow for a kitchen/family room addition:

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Editing to add - the room is 7' long by 5'4" wide. The tub spans the short wall, with the vanity next to it and then the door next to that. The vanity is 20" wide, I could probably go to 22 but no wider.

The tub is cast iron and 18" deep so it is the only thing that needs to stay. :) (This is a new house to us, and in the last one we had an acrylic, 14" deep tub so no one over 3 feet tall ever felt allover warm in it. LOL.)

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I laid 2" hex tile as my first tiling job - very easy. Comes in sheets, small tiles are easy to cut; there's less wastage and the layout isn't as finicky as it is with big tiles.

Stacyneil has a post on this forum linked below, a very beautiful, traditional inspiration of a bath remodel, all DIY, and they did radiant floor heating, she explains how it's done.

If you have any outside walls, now would be a good time to insulate them, ditto a cold ceiling or floor. You can put tile niches with shelves on either side of the shower plumbing. Your tub doesn't look as though it has a lip? flange? that goes up under the tile which might make water-proofing the walls for a shower tricky.

That ex-window - you could build some decent storage there - can you take it all the way to the floor?

A pedestal or console sink would look great with the limited floor space - a console giving more deck space and rails to hang towels on. And then you'd have exposed floor to be radiant.

Is that off-white plastic grill next to the former window an exhaust fan?

Here is a link that might be useful: Stacy's bath that I am in love with

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Thank you, birdgardner. I saw Stacy's bath and then couldn't remember where I'd seen it. I'd love it if mine would come out half that nice!

I have leftover green glass mosaic tile from a kitchen backsplash in our last house; maybe I can work it in as an accent...


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