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davestexasSeptember 1, 2014

About 3wks ago, apparently, I put in a password needed when the pc is started/re-started. I got a message telling me to insert a disk to help change the password. Never knew I was supposed to do that, so now I'm locked out.
Typing in what password(s) I would have used gets me an error message that either the user or password is wrong. I'm wondering if there is a way to determine which is wrong?
Before this problem came up I've kept the pc in sleep mode, but after downloading the latest W7 updates, I had to restart which brought up the problem.
The pc is my backup, but now it's not much good for that. I tried starting in Safe mode, but what to do after that is beyond me.
Advice appreciated, thanks


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Dave that is why I do not use a password. I got locked out also and don't know how but suddenly I got back in but it took me awhile.

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Restarts to the f8 special start menu you can maybe choose a restore point.

I had that problem on win8.1 - maybe it was a recent update.
was easy fix for me to login another account and reset the password.

If you can get to the command prompt window with F8 maybe you can enable the built in non-passworded hopefully administrator account with this command;
net user administrator /active:yes

Then login to it and change your win7 password back to what it was .... maybe .

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In Win 7:

Go to Control Panel click on User Accounts and then select Create A Password Reset Disk and follow the instructions.

I used a memory stick rather than a disk and it works just fine. It's saved me a couple of times when the gremlins have done their best to give me a heart attack at 3:00 AM when I'm in the middle of an editorial crisis. :-) I'm not familiar with the components of Win 8 but I would think that MS carried this tool forward.

However...if you don't want to go the above all the 4SYSOPS tricks at the site linked below. It gives a password reset "fix" for Win 8. I can tell you from experience that the Win 7 password reset "fix" works. Before I smartened up and made my own reset key...that sticky keys "fix" saved me.

HTH [edited to add sticky keys info/site]


Here is a link that might be useful: Sticky keys trick

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Ann_ct's suggestion: Go to Control Panel click on User Accounts and then select Create A Password Reset Disk and follow the instructions.

is the same in windows 8.

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Since I can not get past the Windows opening screen that is asking me for the correct user name or password, I therefore can not 'Go To' anywhere in the operating system.
Sorry, I thought I made that clear....

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Note: Since you obviously can't get into your computer right now because you don't know the password, these first four steps will need to be completed on another computer that you have access to. This other computer will need to have access to the Internet and the capability to burn a disc (like a CD, DVD, etc.).

I sent you an E-Mail with further instruction and link

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Some years ago I found a utility name of Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor. It creates a Linux boot CD that opens a list of user accounts on the system. It doesn't reveal what are the passwords but any of them can be cleared to gain access. Google that exact name, you'll find it. Says it supports from WinNT3.5 to Win8.1.

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Obviously you have access to an operable system or you wouldn't be posting here, Dave. I posted the info that I did as a reminder to anyone who reads these threads that an ounce of a preventive measure can help eliminate the possibility of experiencing this problem.

Then...I remembered what got me out of this mess many moons ago before I took my own advice..creating a reset disk. I posted the site rather than copying the info. If you take the time to read would tell you how to get from the opening screen into your system so you can create a reset disk.

I read your original post quite closely. If you can get to the opening can follow the 4SYSOPS directions to get into your system.

Beyond that, be careful accessing your system from another system regarding the use of a password reset.. In some instances...although the act may be could lose some or all of your backup data in doing so. Go softly....


Thank you Owbist for the confirmation regarding Win 8.

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I found some utube instructions to help with this user name or password problem. Followed to the end, but once I got to the last steps, I see Administrator, Guest, plus a user I don't know about. Anyway, the password screen I'm dealing with is named Dave, but Dave isn't listed on the users menu? I tried the procedure with Administrator since I am that person, but it did nothing.
I have absolutely no clue where the Dave user is coming from. It is me, but it is not listed....wth?
Administrator shows to require a password tho.
Woe is me..... :(

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Well, I give up. DL'ed the Offline passwd recovery cd from Pogo site using this W8.1 pc. Can not make the cd boot in the W7 pc no matter which F key I try. Frustrating to say the least.
Thanks for the advice. I do appreciate the help

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You probably need to go into the computer's BIOS setup and change the boot device order so that CD-ROM drive is first. This level of control comes into play before the OS gets started.

If you don't know how to get into the BIOS, do a search for the brand/model of PC involved.

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These kinds of problems could be easily avoided if folks would do what they are supposed to do in the first week of owning a new PC and that is to burn your start up repair disk, and your system recovery disks. on some PC's it's at hidden icons messages, or in control panal, your PC will walk you right through the process, you need to have the correct blank DVD's on hand.

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cool... maybe, from what you said a couple things might try
net user dave

net user dave /active:yes

net user dave forget

1st item lists details about dave account, might read it
2nd item activated the dave account if its inactive for ?reasons?
3rd item sets daves password to forget if you forgot your password.

you could also try
net user Administrator forget
// to try to change the password to forget for the built in administrator account.

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