Plans now in hand....where's the plumbing?

cpackerSeptember 26, 2012

What level of detail should I expect in the

architect's completed plans? I'm poised to

send them out to builders for bids. Among the

10 large sheets are a foundation page, a roof

page, and a page that shows a large amount of

detail on the framing. But there's no page

that details all the plumbing piping.

(The water heater is spec'd in the notes, along

with specific bathtub and shower types we wanted.)

Is this something that the builder creates, or leaves to

the plumbing subcontractor to figure out?

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Plumbing is like electrical work - it is closely controlled by codes so the plumber figures out how to do it using the architectural drawings for fixture locations and using the structural framing plans for the pipe runs and the plumbing inspector determines if it is acceptable. If there is a problem running pipes or the vent termination will be in a sensitive location, the architect or engineer might be consulted.

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Renovator8 is correct! Generally speaking, plumbing fixtures and finishes are called out in the drawings or specifications, usually with a chart, but sometimes with notes on the drawings.

If there are any special plumbing requirements, i.e., clean-outs, floor drains, sump pump, special collection and drainage, etc., these should also be called out.

After that, it's up to the plumber to install and meet code requirements which will be verified by the local building official when plumbing work is completed. Piping sizes and runs are seldom shown unless there is an unusual condition coupled with them. Good luck!

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