Waiting and whining!. Sigh!

granjanFebruary 28, 2006

I'm going to start the whining thread. Sigh! Every swap there are some people who have to wait lots longer than other people for their box. Sigh! And this time I'm one of them! Sigh!Everyone has got such good stuff and I'm still waiting. Sigh! Everyone else has chocolate and I don't Sigh!

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I will whine right along with you.

However, I got an email from my swap partner (very secretive and mysterious) that my package was mailed Thursday. Can't wait! Can't wait to see it.


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Remember, good things come to those who wait. . . .


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Quit yer whinin'. Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it! LOL
(It's easy for me to scold since I just got my package last night)

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You're in good company Janet, There are quite a few that haven't received their swap boxes yet.


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I know, it's just that I'm ready now! And it's hard when so many posts start poring in. Sigh!

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I'm awaitin' over here in the rain! Need something to brighten up my day. :-)))


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I'm waitin' also - but I don't mind. Anticipation! It's worth the wait.


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Each day is a day of anticipation! I don't mind waiting at all. I don't want the fun to be over :-)

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I agree...I don't mind the anticipation (and my swap partners usually have no choice...I'm always late sending). In fact, every swap I get so caught up with the sending part that I sort of forget I'm getting one, too.

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It is better to give than to receive. Oh, who am I kidding?

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My partner should receive hers tomorro or Thursday at the latest!

But, today I was cleaning up after lunch and I see the UPS truck turn the corner and stop RIGHT BESIDE MY HOUSE, I HEAR THE DOORBELL RING!! Blake runs to the door to see who it is!

I dry my hands and tell Blake that K.K. has a package and we can have fun opening it.(Last night I put my camera batteries in the charger so I can be ready.) I am all excited,,, we go to the door.

It is an envelope and I can tell by the return address that it is a parts book. DH has got to quit ordering parts when I am expecting a swap package.

Last Friday I was out of town and on my way home and my DIL calls and tells me that I have a huge package sitting in my driveway, I get all excited and then she says there are several boxes. I get home and yes there are eight or ten big boxes, they are parts that DH hss ordered, but I check each and every one, one could be mine, No.

But, I can't complain, my partner has not received hers either.

Just a little more anticipation!!!!!

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My partner's package i due to be received tomorrow. Although I do not understand why she cannot receive it today as it arrived 5 1/2 hours from her house yesterday afternoon. Oh well. I also found out my partner has one of the items I sent already.

I for one love the anticipation of the swaps. Once you receive your package the guessing game is over. Nobody talking about a package is talking about yours.


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Between finishing up a contract and getting packed for a trip (I leave tomorrow), I haven't had a lot of time to think about whining. My problem is that I won't be back home again until mid-March, so I'm reeaaallllly curious at this point. On the positive side, it's something to look forward to on my return home!


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Yipee! My package is out for delivery, somebody's wait is almost over.


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My package is out for delivery to, so someone should get a nice surprise today.


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Mine was delivered yesterday!!! Check your front door step everyone!!! I'm starting to get just a little worried here!


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According to the hubster, Mine should arrive today and so I pace and pace....tapping nails on the counter and just keep checking this forum!!

Gosh the waiting is just driving me bonkers!!!

Did anyone get a box today???
Someone "west" of me???


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