Opinions of Rogue Valley Doors

sreedesqSeptember 18, 2013

I am looking at a Rogue Valley Door for my front entry. It is pattern 2045. I would need 2 of them for my double entry in a 2'8. I have been quoted approx. $550 each for them in knotty alder.

They seem like good doors, but I don't know of anyone who has used them and I haven't seen them in person. I found a couple of GW threads that were about 4 yrs old and w/o a lot of opinions, so I thought I would ask again here. So, any opinions on quality, value, etc are greatly appreciated. TIA!

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Hi...we were torn between Rogue Valley and Glasscraft. Rogue Valley wasn't able to give us the EXACT door style we wanted so we went to Glasscraft. I really wanted Rogue Valley to work out because it was a better price point than Glasscraft. Our builder's supply company highly recommended both Rogue Valley and Glasscraft. If I recall, he stated that one was shipped from CA and we are in FL and that was most of the price difference....He also mentioned that both companies are quite large and pretty much corner the market when it comes to decorative front doors.

I attached a photo of our doors - they were delivered and hung and then removed for safe keeping. I was able to touch and feel them....I really love my doors!

I also think Glasscraft had a larger line of glass styles compared to Rogue Valley.

I think you will be happy...


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Thanks for your help. Your doors are lovely.

I hope someone who has owned a Rogue Valley exposed to the elements for a couple of years will also chime in.

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We've had a Rogue Valley door and sidelights for six years now. They are under a small covered porch, so not exposed to direct weather, but they do get late afternoon sun. No problems at all with them and they are beautiful.

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