WANTED: It was so nice to come home to surprises from Sharon

lsr2002February 26, 2006

Max met me at the airport late last night and immediately said we had a package from Oakville. It had to be from Chase! Who else do we know from Oakville?

It took all the restraint I could gather not to open it until this afternoon, after I sent my package off, second day air at Fed Ex.

The box was topped off with the front section and the real estate section from the Toronto newspaper. ItÂs such fun to read papers from other cities. The first thing I opened was a warm and lovely note.

Sharon, I love everything you sent.

The small square plates will get lots of use; in fact we used them at dinner tonight!

I should have put some mint leaves around the cake or added some more berries, which I had but didnÂt think about. But I was thrilled to see these little mascarpone cakes when I went to pick up some quick things for dinner. The plates will be great for lots of things. We often have an assortment of cheeses, shrimp and little appetizers for a weekend lunch or supper. I photographed the gifts in the dining room because the light was better there this afternoon, but you can see how well these will go on the table we use the most.

To go with the plates are some really neat appetizer picks that have polished stones wrapped in wire decorating the ends and a wonderfully designed spreader and serving fork.

Last but by no means least is a fun little cookbook called FingerFood. IÂve already looked through it and found lots of recipes IÂd like to try: a simple Baba Ganoush, I love it  IÂve never made it, mini pizzas  I keep talking about making my first pizza crust, sweet potato soup served chilled in small glasses, shrimp with chili mojo. There are loads of wonderful Asian inspired recipes to try also, but I think IÂll try some others first. I loved the little note from Sharon at the front, signed "Your foodie friend."

Sharon, this was a wonderful package to come home to, you couldnÂt have picked more perfect things and your note said what I know too, we would indeed be friends in "real" life. Until that happens, I am happy to be your cyber friend. Max and I are looking forward to using your gifts often.

Thank you so very much.


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As a previous recipient of a Chase package, I do know how perfect that girl can pack a box. It looks like it goes splendidly with your house. Sharon, what a nice job you did... again!

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Lee, those black spreaders and appetizer picks are very unique. I love the finger food theme and the black plates go well with the table in your dining room. Enjoy! Great job Sharon.

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I almost fainted when I saw your pictures. I have been looking for black plates like that. They are gorgeous! Chase, you did a superb job. Lee, you are very lucky. Also, I love the pictures of your contemporary, sleek, classy dining room!

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Chase that looks like it was made for Lee's house!

very nice, janet

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From one charming lady to another!

Nice swap box! Sharon, it shows you researched Lee.

Enjoy your swap goodies Lee!

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A sophisticated swap box for a sophisticated lady! Excellent choices, Sharon. Didn't someone else receive Fingerfood?

Enjoy, Lee!

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Wow! Those plate are beautiful! Yes...it all looks VERY sohpisticated! Great box!!

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So glad you like the package Lee and hope you think of your cyber pal in Canada when you use them.

Yes Teresa, Catherine (from the Yukon) sent the same cook book to Doris! I just about choked when I saw it! Great Canadian minds!! LOL

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Wow what a terrific match for your dining room table!

That was a nice package, verrry nice! THe book looks good too.

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What a wonderful package, I love the plates and they look right at home in your dining room.

Good job, Sharon!

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Beautiful package Sharon. I love those plates too.

Lee enjoy that new cookbook. Can't wait to hear about the recipes you try.


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What a great group of goodies!

Yes, yes, yes, Catherine (Ziporion) sent me the same cookbook. I love it. Matter of fact, you know you're a food when . . . . . You keep a cookbook on your desk to read while burning CDs or other mundane tasks. Yes, this little book has been sitting on my desk for the past week. I want to try the Plantain Chips after seeing the recent thread on them. The Spice Speckled Cheese Straws look yummy and of course the Thai Crab Cakes with Chili Dipping Sauce shown on the cover. Lee, I know you'll enjoy this.

Sharon, you sent Lee some wonderful things. I know she is going to enjoy for a long time.

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Lee, These gifts seem to fit you so well.
Sharon, You really did a great job picking these things.


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A beautifully composed package. Those cocktail picks are WONDERFUL.

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That is a great package. You're a lucky girl!

I also love those plates. They're stunning.


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Sharon, you really put together the perfect gift for Lee. I love the cocktail picks and the spreader and fork. And the black plates look like they have a design around them. I just wish I could see the detail better.

Lee, I can really see how everything will compliment your decor.


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Those plates are perfect for Lee, I can picture them next to the larger square black plate on the table.


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What a great package! And the plates are beautiful, with so many uses! The cocktail picks are lovely! I did manage to leaf through the finger foods cookbook before I picked it up for Doris, and the recipes look pretty easy and presented the finished recipes with panache! Hope you enjoy everything! Nice job Chase!


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I want one of those little cakes!! Those plates are cool and the appetizer picks are very unique. Great swap box Sharon! I know Lee and Max will enjoy it all for a long time.


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Love those appetizer picks ! And those plates seem right at home in your setting Lee-- Sharon looks you put together the perfect items for Lee--she'll be enjoying them for years .


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Sharon, what a nice, elegant package. I love the utensils with the stone handles and the black plates will look perfect in Lee's living room.

I'm sure Lee is going to enjoy everything.


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Sharon it does all look so perfect for her home!Food can look great on black! I only have one..and it makes food stand out.Very striking!Shrimps especially...
Again.. themed in a way..
They must have nice stores in Oakville:)
But the shopper is the key.
I am thrilled at seeing the little mascarpone cake..maybe my mini cheesecakes will look that cute:) maybe...

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Sharon, you always put together such wonderful packages - tasteful and personal.

Lee, obviously you're already enjoying all these goodies - and I always enjoy reading your posts - they're so "warm"...:-)


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I bet those plates are stunners. Enjoy.

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I can't believe how well they go in your home. I love it - the plates are striking and so is your dining room.

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Sharon, it is amazing how well those plates go with Lee's decor! You must be psychic! LOL

Lee, I have the Finger Food book, too from a couple of swaps ago and there are lots of little post-its marking pages of recipes I still have to try! I have tried the parmesan crisps and the leek pies, both very good.

Your wholes package is just perfect!


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A classy package from a classy lady. Although I didn't read at first and clicked on the pictures - I thought Sharon had sent you strawberry shortcakes!

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