How to get in touch with Summerfield Designs?

gavr6September 11, 2012

My wife and I have finally decided what we want to do house plan wise. We need someone to put it all together and make it flow and look right. We have seen summerfields postings on here and loved the plans. We tried emailing through the forum but no response. Does anyone have a current email address?


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Summerfield's talent is legendary on here and as such, I'm sure her inbox is often full. I have tried to contact her via e-mail before to no avail but, she did respond to my request for help with my floorplan. She frequents this forum. GoodLuck! Her designs and software are a work of art:)

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I've tried to email him/her (I think Summerfield is a he, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on this) but never got a response. Your best bet is to post a plan and add a plea for help to Summerfield in your subject line.

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Thanks I will post the plan and also try to email again. Anybody have any references to others with summerfields talents to hire? We have someone to do the final drawings but they only do what we tell them, not put everything together if that makes sense. We don't have the vision, just know where we want everything finally.


Ben and Terri

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You can always post the plan right here on the forum--many of us have software or just plain pencil & paper + a scanner to make suggestions for you. There are plenty of talented people here on the forum and many of us have found it takes a whole village to design a house that you will be thrilled with. Summerfield also jumps in on occasion to give input as well.

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