Tile placement in small bathroom

oshnwavzDecember 2, 2012

I have chosen an 8x16 tile to redo my small bathroom. This tile will be usd for the shower as well as the rest of the bathroom.

Question is: will placing the tile vertically make the room look larger or taller? Still haven't decided on the best placement.

The room is 5x5 plus the current bathtub (future shower space).

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The room will usually fool the eye into taking on the aspect of the building material. So if you use the tile vertically, yes, it could make the room look "taller".

Ceiling colors versus wall colors can do the same. If you had a ceiling that was darker than the wall color, the darker color can attract attention, and visually make the ceiling appear to be lower than it is. A lighter colored ceiling can make the ceiling appear higher.

Same with floor. Floor tile in a linear or stacked pattern will pull the eye from one wall to the opposite wall, the shortest distance. Tile on a diagonal can pull the eye on a diagonal, the longer dimension. That can make the room to appear more expansive.

If you're into psycho-babble mind-melding voodoo stuff like that.

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