Shower seat, curb and door saddle - the same?

oshnwavzDecember 2, 2012

Hi All - The kitchen forum was VERY helpful for me some years ago when I needed it - so I thought I would post over here now that I am redoing my small bathroom.

I am converting my tub to a shower only, and would like to add a rectangular bench at the back end. Am thinking that I want a solid surface top of some kind for the bench. I understand that Marble may need to be sealed, and I am a no-maintenance-kind-of-gal.

So I'm wondering if you have a preference for a maintenance free material for the bench top. Also: should it then match the shower "curb" top and maybe even the door saddle? This is a very small bathroom - outside of the current tub space it is probably only about 5' x 5'.

Just fyi on my other design details - all walls including shower will be 8x16 tile, shower floor will be small pebbles, and bathroom floor will be 16x16 tiles.I also have an accent tile that I've picked out that will run linearly around the shower space.

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I would have the shower bench surface, solid, and the same as the countertop on the vanity. Granite or a caesarstone type suface. Would use the same on any other surface top such as a windowsill or half wall surface. The shower step could be the tile from floor running up and over so it blends in or it could be the same surface which will make it stand out.

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Thanks sofla. Guess I should have added that my sink will be ceramic white.

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What is your countertop material? Like Sofla, I think matching your counter material looks great. We used a 2cm thickness of our granite for the shower curb, bench, niche shelves, top of the pony wall and doorway threshold. It's low maintenance (inital sealing and then every year or so, as needed).

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