American Standard faucet with Godmorgon/ Braviken

echelon3December 31, 2009

Hi... hoping I can find some answers...

I have an IKEA Godmorgon/ Braviken sink/cabinet ( and would like to use American Standard faucets. The American Standard drain valve's overflow connection cannot be used because the Ikea sink is using a low-profile pipe layout with a separate overflow tube.

Is there a way around this? Could I still use the American Standard drain or I would I need an Ikea-specific one to use with the sink? Would an IKEA strainer work with the American Standard faucet?

Thanks... searched for hours but just couldn't find the answer. Planning on a trip to Ikea soon... just a bit disappointing that I can't use the other faucets.

Also, do scratches come out of the sink? The plumbers were grateful enough to leave some for me.


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We were going to use the Godmorgen/Braviken combo and had this same dilemma. We decided to use non-Ikea faucets and just not use the drain up/down thingie on the faucets. I was actually looking for some faucets with the least obtrusive up/down lever for that reason.

We decided to go custom in the end, so I can't tell you how it would have been in real life, sorry.

About the scratches, I'd call Ikea and ask them. or have you tried asking these Qs on the forum?? The Braviken sink is pretty new to the US so probably not many people have experience with them.

Good luck- it's a sexy sink! Which color cabinet did you choose?

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Hi, I tried posting a similar q on ikeafans, but that site seems to only respond to kitchen questions :)

I went with the birch color. After some more work, using an american standard drain will negate the whole full drawer concept, and I could not find a suitable IKEA drain.

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I believe all you need is a pop-up drain. That is what is included with the Ikea faucets sold to go with their plumbing. You can usually find these drains easily enough since they're used with lots of non-overflow vessel-type sinks. You just need to be sure the threads are the same as Ikea's Euro plumbing parts, but I think Ikea's customer service folks should be able to give you that info if you call.

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