Do I need to remove this wall tile for resale?

twalkmanDecember 13, 2013

I am renovating our small master bath 8'x5' with large shower. I changed the floor tile and putting in a new vanity.

Now that I'm looking at it I'm trying to decide if I need to pull the tile off the wall. It's a neutral color, so it's not ugly. It's on a mud bath so it would take a good bit of demo and drywall work.

People will look at it and say, 'that's a small bathroom'. I'm wondering if they will then say, 'but it looks nice', or 'yeah, the tile looks bad too'.

(By people, I mostly mean women. I can't trust my wife because she just wants the project to be finished ASAP. :)

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It does look a little dated and I think I see a broken tile. Any time a potential buyer views a home they mentally deduct the cost of fixing it up from the asking price. And who knows what the $ amount they think it will take to make repairs and updates. I vote get rid of it, especially if you can do the work yourself.

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Most updated baths wouldn't have that kind of tile with the granite countertop, so it looks a little "make do". I'd take it out, too.

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I would get rid of it too. It is dated. Either paint the walls, or put in a nice, up to date tile. Tile can be pretty cheap if you do the labor yourself.

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To be're putting your house up for sale right away? Or are you thinking in the unspecified future...sometime...?

Anyhow, both my DH and I say don't bother. I assume you have extra tile to fill in strip and missing piece. If you don't have extras to fill in, then I will go along with majority and say take tile down.

If you keep tile, make sure grout is SPARKLING clean.

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I wouldn't change the tile. In the picture - the toilet goes in front of the window? If so - I'm sure you could take out a tile in back of the toilet and patch that broken tile by the vanity. Then replace the tile behind the toilet with some neutral tile.

There are people who steam clean grout.

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I would leave it.

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Leave it.

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The reason I would re-do

1. Labor intensive to remove? Yes. Don't bother trying to patch the walls....just cut it all out and re-drywall halfway up to meet the other wall. Then get some $2 sq ft white subway tile and get it done.

2. If I were a potential home buyer...that tile would not be a dealbreaker for me.....but I would think what a pain it will be to re-do since the vanity and granite are already installed. "why didn't they just re-do it right from the beginning".

On the other hand....maybe potential buyers would still like it and be fine with it. Because I am in the K&B business, I tend to be a bit more picky about it.

Is your new vanity and granite already installed and plumbing hooked up?

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There's still plenty of white 4x4 tile baths being done, but they aren't usually set square like that anymore except in a basic home.

Leave it. Just remove the bullnose tile edging it and replace that with something like an ogee chair rail and that will update it tremendously for very little effort.

Now, if resale is a ways down the road, and you're a DIYer, have at doing a more extensive update.

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I would have left it and repaired it. I would have installed a floor tile that was more in keeping with the existing tile and style. The tile you have and the counter you have don't go with the wainscot, in my opinion. But its done now. If you want a complete looking design, then the wall goes. If you just want to move on, like your wife wants, then just repair it. I wouldn't even take the bullnose off, I like it.

I personally love the stacked 4x4 look and have done it in my guest bath.

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What tile do you have in your shower? I would install the same tile as in your shower on the walls. That way it will be continuous and make the room look larger.

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I would not touch it. For all you know buyers might want to put in tiles with pink elephants.

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It would be an easy fix, if you can find matching white. If plain white tile is "dated" I think there is something wrong with the attention span in this country.

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I wouldn't mind plain white 4x4 wall tiles. In fact, I kind of like them. (And I am a female.) I would mind, however, the missing tiles: both the single 4x4 and the cut pieces along the vanity. I might not like them if the color was something other than white, though that's just a personal preference.

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I'd look at it and think--too bad they didn't fix the wall too.

Why not use something very similar (or the exact same) as what you have on the floor? Or, just paint?

I'd do something about it. It looks 1/2 done now. What else is half done?
What is your competition like? (RE wise?)

Also, might be worth asking in the buying/selling forum.

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I think that livewireoak's suggestion to replace the top bullnose with an an updated molding type, yes of course repair replace the missing tile, and it should be fine. I agree that it probably isn't optimal, but that can really update it more completely for way less $$.

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twalkman, what did you decide to do?

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